23 thoughts on “Starship On Friday?”

  1. Even better the F&WS has issued a NOTAF!

    2311171300-1539: Cork/Bobbin Adv. in BCP, exp high water levels. Set corks/bobbins accordingly.
    2311171300-1539: Noise abatement procedures in effect for BCP. Trolling motors only.

  2. FWS actually governs some of the US island possessions in the Carribean and South Pacific, apparently under some old guano mining act. The Fish, Wildlife, and Bird-Poop Service?

      1. If you don’t get the president of the U.S. on the line, you are going to have to answer to the Coca Cola corporation.

  3. Nobody wants a Musk monopoly on satellite internet: Eutelsat boss
    By Yassine KHIRI, Mathieu RABECHAULT
    Paris (AFP) Nov 15, 2023

    ” Eutelsat recently merged with British operator OneWeb and is aiming to add telecoms and connectivity to its main business of broadcast media.

    But Musk is not the only competitor.

    US magnate Jeff Bezos and the Chinese government also have ambitions to launch thousands of satellites.

    “There’s room for four or five operators,” Berneke said of the emerging industry, comparing it to mobile phone networks. ”

    How about someone adding some beamed electrical power with that internet signal?

  4. “…room for four or five operators,” is presentism, like IBMs market for a similar number of mainframe computers 70 years ago. There’ll be room for as many operators as the traffic will require. But that’s a future market.

    I doubt beam power from space to Earth seems unlikely to be viable in the middle term, farther future unknown. But space to space, space to Luna, space to Mars, etc. Probably. Initially, ground-based solar is easier in all use cases, but not for long. Of course, superseding future technologies can’t be predicted with any confidence. In one of my 1970s books, there were neutrino power screens (I made the then unpopular assumption of neutrono mass.)

    1. Clear the tower without a ‘earth-shattering Kaboom!’ and I will be happy. Stage separation and fractional orbit then I will do the happy dance.

      1. Stage separation and fractional orbit then I will do the happy dance.

        If that happens, I demand video evidence….

    1. Latest info I got from NSF Chat is launch scheduled for 2pm CST tomorrow. Supposedly a 20 minute launch window?

  5. Launched (left the pad much quicker than test #1)
    All 33 1st stage engines ran
    Good stage separation
    Starship flew on for a while
    Soon thereafter the first stage blew up
    While waiting for re-acquisition of signal it was announced that Starship blew up. One SpaceX announcer mentioned the FTS.

    So I’d call it a solid step forward.

    I wonder if Starship was still in the shrapnel sphere of the 1st stage when the first stage blew up.

    1. No. Way past. See Scott Manley’s post IFT-2 video. Near the end it shows the debris clouds for each stage as it showed up in NOAA radar images. Stage 1 is over the Gulf not far from the Texas shore while Stage 2 is out over the Atlantic just beyond the Caribbean islands.

      1. I doubt Starship was close enough at that point and it was accelerating away at a pretty good clip to have suffered damage.

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