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  1. The analogy of “what we did to Germany and Japan” means exactly nothing to the vast majority of history ignorant Americans. And therein lies the problem. Modern isolated ignorants have no idea what real war entails. Some are are so deluded as to even think the well being of the civilians of an enemy aggressor nation is the responsibility of the attacked nation.

    1. It’s always the responsibility of the attacked nation to sacrifice more of it’s population for the sake so-called “innocent” civilians… well, more certainly it is if the attacked nation is the Jewish state.

      After all, since everyone else thinks we committed deicide…

  2. It can’t be as ‘simple’ as how Japan was dealt with.

    Even if you manage that with the Palestinians (however you define the group), there will still be many millions of people in other countries (including but not limited to most nations surrounding Israel) that want to see the Jews wiped out. It’s a fundamental element of Islam, right?

    1. It’s a fundamental element of Islam, right?

      Yes, and quite a bit no. I don’t think Indonesians, 87% of whom are Muslim, are really interested in wiping out Israel or killing Jews.
      Indeed, the Indonesia Foreign Minister just announced support for a 2-State solution, which means Israel exists somewhere between the river and the sea.

      There are equivalents in Islam to Christian Protestants, and that was the kernel of truth used by then President Trump to push the Abraham Accords.

      Furthermore, most other Arab and Muslim cultures in the Middle East dislike the Palestinians about as much as they dislike the Kurds. That’s why Geert Wilders suggestion that Palestinian refugees be accepted by Jordan went over like a turd in a swimming pool. Also note that the other Palestinians territories are behaving themselves.

      1. I forget where I saw this, but the point was that the rest of the Arab world considers the Palestinians to be the trailer trash of the Middle East.

        That is very unkind to real trailer trash.

  3. The problem isn’t Gaza. The problem isn’t “Palestinians”. The problem isn’t Hamas. The problem isn’t even Iran. The problem is ISLAM.

    Geert Wilders has it figured out. It is well past time that others learn.

  4. It appears to me that the Israeli military has made good progress in Gaza. After they complete taking the North, they will allow Palestinians to return to the North and to evacuate from the South into the North while going through screening. The South will contain poorly organized Hamas without an extensive tunnel network nor many of their arms. So clearing the South should be doable. Hamas and sympathizers will either be killed or surrender where they can be separated.

    Then Israel can clear a Rafah no-go zone that only it will control forever. No bribing of Egyptian guards. Hamas missiles will end so Israel will have that peace. The border with Gaza will be altered so that you won’t be able to drop grenades from drones onto remote guns, bulldoze a break in the wall, and drive motorcycles freely into Israel. So it will be much harder to repeat a massacre. And the military will have a better response plan.

    Then, give it a couple of years and the Saudi’s might sign up to the Abraham Accords.

    With the borders between the Palestinians and Israel controlled, some authority could assume control of Palestinian areas, Israel pulls out, and the Palestinians won’t be able to build up their arsenal. That’s not a bad outcome.

    1. “Hamas missiles will end”

      Unfortunately not. Their missiles are self made (sugar rockets, I believe). They have videos of Hamas going and digging up water supply pipes in the desert, and transforming them into rockets.

      That’s also why they can’t hit anything, of course.

  5. Here is my peace plan:

    First, realize that Gaza and the west bank are completely different. And so they should have completely different solutions.

    Gaza: Israel should completely give up all rule in Gaza, immediately. No more aid. No more roads between the two countries. No more communication. Any rockets or incursions from Gaza into Israel are an attack between sovereign nations, and Israel should carpet bomb Gaza every time a missile crosses the border, just like we would do if Mexico launched missiles into Texas to protest its annexation into the US. This will continue to be a nightmare, but it will be someone else’s nightmare.

    West Bank: Start with the Oslo accord boundaries (or something similar). Then, each year Israel turns over the most peaceful 3% of the land to Palestinian control, while the most rowdy 1% of the land changes to Israeli control. I predict peace in 20 years or so.

    1. Israel should take Gaza back and keep it. Hamas broke the peace deal with Israel so Israel should take back all the territory they gave up. There is no “West Bank”. It is Judea and Sumeria. It is sovereign Israeli territory. No one has any other legitimate claim on it nor has anyone a legitimate right to object to anything Israel does there. It’s their land.

        1. Why not? France is a beautiful place with great food and wine. If Israel owns Gaza again, they can do with it what they want. It will be their property…like the “west bank”.

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