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  1. Why did the indictment take so long?

    Any earlier and the statute of limitations wouldn’t have expired on many of the crimes.

  2. The indictment is a disaster for the White House.

    I don’t buy these statements. Maybe I should, because perhaps there is enough people in denial of who Hunter Biden is, that he is the good man his father says he is, and that only going to prison would allow them to see the truth. Otherwise, it is pretty obvious who Hunter Biden is, and they don’t care. It’s like Sam Harris, who didn’t care that the laptop as Russian Disinformation story was fake. As long as it hurt Trump, they don’t care. So now that it is true, they don’t care if Hunter Biden goes to prison. They’ll only care that Biden beats Trump. To the extent they’ll be made to care is if Hunter going to prison means Joe can’t beat Trump, and then they’ll find someone else regardless of their corrupt history.

  3. “Otherwise, it is pretty obvious who Hunter Biden is, and they don’t care.”

    Right. I bet most Democrat voters are still on the “the Hunter Biden Laptop story is rUsSiAn dIsInFoRmAtIoN!!1” kick…but believe “DrumPf waited 3 hours–3 hours!!1–to tell people to go home on 1/6!”

  4. With McCarty leaving the House at the end of the year and in the wake of the Santos ouster (criminal that someone doesn’t oust that lying weasel Schift) is the Republican majority in the House at stake?

    “Santos’s removal has immediately trimmed the Republicans’ four-seat advantage down to three — a wafer-thin cushion that leaves Johnson, just weeks into his Speakership, little room for error as he attempts to steer the party’s conservative agenda through the second half of the 118th Congress with a deeply divided conference.”


    So McCarthy leaving trims it to 2 seats; also:

    “Rep. Bill Johnson (R-Ohio) is headed for the exits to lead Youngstown State University early next year,..”

    So a one seat majority?! Don’t know if but I assume the governor of California gets to appoint an interim replacement for McCarthy? If so he/she would likely be Democrat not Republican; I assume the dem controlled California legislature would have to approve? If the House somehow flips before November elections that would be the end of the oversight committee’s looking into Hunter/Joe Biden’s many crimes. Also little chance of getting a vote to authorize a formal impeachment requirement to pass; POTUS is stonewalling on complying with subpoena’s because of no formal “full house vote on impeachment inquiry.

  5. “Predictably, Weiss has steered clear of the most serious suspicions of criminal conduct arising out of the Biden influence-peddling scheme — no bribery charges, no money-laundering, no mention of their failure to register as foreign agents.”

    Yes. DOJ will do nothing about this; it will have to wait for a Trump victory and a new DOJ. They will likely try in that eventuality to use the Statue of Limitations to make most of those allegations go away if possible. Or biden could just issue a spate of pardons after the elections if he loses. Of course that would still leave the door open to the numerous obstructions of justice charges levied against DOJ for their actions to protect the biden crime family

  6. It may be a disaster for the White House, but it’s great for the Democratic party. Pretty sure they very much want Biden to voluntarily resign or be impeached so they could move the American Trudeau – Newsom – into that spot.

    1. The Democratic Party is not monolithic. I’m sure there are pro-Biden people gnashing their teeth while other factions are sharpening the daggers and pushing their favorites. I wonder though what it’ll take for the knives to come out in public?

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