3 thoughts on “The U.S. Air Force”

  1. All those Captains (including the mediocrities) are getting promoted because the Majors are leaving in droves. 12 or so years is usually enough BS.

  2. DEI at the FAA killing people is *exactly* what they want to happen. The hoi polloi should stick to their 15-minute villages, er, cities, and not try to travel as much as their betters. Who of course travel on bizjets, so a few airliners augering in will be a bonus that doesn’t impact the _real_ people.

  3. DEI at the FAA is lunacy. It will kill people.

    As one commented over at the linked website:
    I’ll never fly again

    My response to that is, “You won’t have to. Because if the DEI ATC hire kisses two commercial airliners over controlled airspace over your house, they are each just as likely to come down through your roof and ceiling. Whether you are flying or not. Unless you live in an underground bunker.”

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