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  1. The problem with Libertarians in this country is that, since around 1990, all they really care about is Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll. They used to care about less regulation, and lower taxation, and the equal application of the rule of law, but they gave all that up because they didn’t want to lose or offend their Progressive friends. That would interfere in their getting laid, access to their drug suppliers, and not getting invited to all the good concerts/parties.

  2. Yes…like the libertarian Gary Johnson that I voted for POTUS back in 2012 (didn’t know he was a pothead but likely should have):

    “Gary Johnson: ‘I’ve stopped using marijuana’ during White House bid
    Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson revealed on Thursday that he is abstaining from using marijuana while he runs for the White House.
    During an interview with USA Today, Johnson was asked how long it’s been since he’s taken the drug.

    “It’s been about seven weeks,” he responded, adding that he would not partake in the drug during his term if he’s elected. “I want to be completely on top of my game, all cylinders.”


    Wow..seven whole weeks off the ganja so impressed…

    1. He also said a Jewish baker should be forced to bake a Nazi cake.

      In 2016 I was in the weird position of being more democratic than the Democrat nominee, more republican than the Republican nominee, and more libertarian than the Libertarian nominee.

      1. “He also said a Jewish baker should be forced to bake a Nazi cake.”

        Didn’t know about that either but in my defense in 2012 I voted libertarian (Johnson) because I hoped they would get to 5% of cast votes (necessary to reach federal matching funds) and perhaps become a viable third party at some point in the future.

  3. I was a registered Libertarian voter right up until 9/11/2001. When I heard various Libertarian party spokesmorons describing how the US deserved the attack because of how we treated other nations, I re-registered.

    Since then, I’ve not found a Libertarian candidate for any office that was deserving of my vote. I would like to have a sane Libertarian in office, but at my age I can’t hold my breath that long

  4. The high and mighty principals of Libertarianism are well beyond what we as a people can support. The couch potato commercial in the SuperBowl makes my point.

  5. Reading through the comments here about libertarians, I’ve just got to say that if this is the level of dialogue, then this nation deserves the crappy results served up by the Demicans and Republicrats.

    I guess those guys are righteous because they don’t have sex, smoke cannabis, or listen to rock & roll music, right?

  6. The argument for less regulation runs right through drugs. No one a few dopers care about pot, etc. The real issue is the right to buy “prescription” drugs without paying an exorbitant fee to a government licensed shaman. The argument in favor of government regulation begins with “what about the children” and ends on a mythical construct called “public health.” Now let’s hear the geniuses here stick up for totalitarianism.

  7. The Democrat party is not democrat, Republican party is not republican, and Libertarian party is not libertarian.
    Spitballing, a libertarian party should be political party, you don’t vote for. The party of Don’t Vote For Me. Or Vote For Someone Else. Or We Can’t be Bought
    party. The anti party, party, which is not politically legally established party.
    The only good thing about Republican party is the political machine is pretty ineffective. They didn’t want Trump but they got Trump {a New York Dem}.
    The Anti party, should try to get who they want, whether it’s Dem or Rep or who ever is a legally registered on ballot.
    Having political parties has always had bad results, destroying all of them should the long term ideal, but you work with what you got.
    If existing political parties, hate you. You going in the right direction, if they fear you, that’s better.
    Or it seems Republican party going in right direction, just more Tea Party type stuff and more and different Trumps.
    And Dem party is going in right direction- they are dying and committing mass suicide {and dying mostly from old age and dem voters lack candidates they can vote for}.
    And I would note that we are still living in the best of times.

  8. The Libertarian Party reminds me of Marx*:

    I’d never want to live in a country that would elect me as their leader. – *G. Marx

    1. I feel like this is the reason a number of novels and other fictional stories rely on the “reluctant hero” narrative, sometimes up to and including President (of the US or the Galaxies).

      Exhibits A and B: Debt of Honor, Battlestar Galactica 2003

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