7 thoughts on “The Age Of Greta Thunberg”

  1. In 2065 the media will be interviewing her, telling us that there is only 1 month left to save the world

  2. Greta has a great voice. With training and a little discipline she could follow in her mother’s footsteps and live a happy life.

    I worry about her life choices.

  3. I’m a bit skeptical of Ed Driscoll’s link to “original environmentalists” (spoiler: the Nazis). Living in Yellowstone National Park, I see every day a different sort of environmentalism roots. Conservationism predates the Nazis and is more democratic.

    As to the Nazis, remember that totalitarian ideologies have one fundamental goal: acquisition of power. Grievances like those that spur environmentalism are merely a means to an end. My take is that environmentalists are authoritarian, but not totalitarian for the most part. And pretty clueless. I doubt they understand where alliances with Islamists can lead.

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