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  1. My daughter’s alma mater (undergrad and med school).

    Glad I didn’t have to pay them much (she got really good scholarships). She says she’s done donating to the alumni organization – just as I am at UCLA.

    In fact, when I get a begging letter from UCLA I make a donation to Hillsdale College and tell UCLA about it

  2. One of the advantages of being a college dropout is that you never get on any of these begging lists. One of the smarter things I did was get out before I went deep into debt at the place that let itself become associated with The Community Organizer-in-Chief.

  3. The only solicitations I get anymore are from Hillsdale. The institutions that actually gave me degrees have long since given up.

  4. I rarely say, “Here is someone who expresses my thinking on a subject but much clearer than I can”, but here it is


    I never heard of the Flopping Aces blog before, but I guess it is a collaboration of bloggers as is Hot Air, Powerlineblog and even Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds has recruited helpers. This article on Flopping Aces was linked from Hot Air.

    In offering a cautionary tale that the US is on a trajectory towards Yugoslavia, Brazil, Yugoslavia, France, whatever we are supposed to be “turning into”, this article supplies the most concise explanation of how Josef Broz (“Tito”) held the diverse, multi-ethnic Yugoslavia together and how it broke apart.

    The scariest thing, right now, is the impasse over the supplemental military aide bill in the House, the situation at the border, and the increasingly more public cognitive impairment of the president, in whom the Constitution vests an enormous amount of authority, especially in these outward facing matters.

    At least FDR was of full mental faculties even if stuck in a wheelchair, but the story is emerging that he too was cognitively impaired by 1944 on account of hardening of the arteries affecting his brain, and this situation didn’t help us in dealing with Joe Stalin, in the conclusion of WW-II and in what followed.

    We can argue about whether Speaker Mike Johnson “knows what he is doing” to “pull the plug” on our going-on-two year committment to Ukraine, our nearly 80-year committment to Israel, and if China attempts unification with military action, gosh knows what level of chaos.

    As if the Biden administration should talk about abandoning allies after the recent “hold” (hold, yeah right!) on the natural gas terminal to help our European allies stand up to Russia along with the abandonment of Afghanistan (yeah, like, that one was Trump’s fault, too, but it happened on your watch).

    How is this on topic with Stanford? The university system is the reason for the divide the article writes about, and Stanford and peer institutions are the defacto leadership-training academies in our governement. If the Republicans in Congress “abandon Israel” by voting down the 110 billion off-budget supplemental defense appropriation, Stanford and its peer institutions are laying the doctrinal groundwork for this abandonment over the next generation.

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