5 thoughts on “Civilizational Suicide”

  1. All too much of modern progressive thought is based on stasis, not progress. The environmental movement, the fight against nuclear power, the United Nations – all based on the status quo, no matter who suffers from it.

    And the status quo includes, obviously, absolutely rigid adherence to the orders of those in charge – no matter their lack of competence. They declare themselves ‘right’ and righteous, and will accept nothing else.

    1. Good news doc, they have decided that stasis isn’t good enough and have adopted degrowth.

      The agricultural revolution was fun while it lasted.

  2. “Fallen Angels” by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle & Michael Flynn was a broad satire a couple of decades ago. Today it is more like current history.

  3. In accordance, it is understandable that many are inclined to believe that our country’s current serious problems are, once again, merely the failed result of well-intentioned policies. But what if, we ask, seemingly fumbled programs were intended to be the initial throes of civilizational suicide? What if apparent missteps were actually directed at the purposeful destruction of a prosperous, free, safe, and secure society?

    As we examine the policies pushed by the Biden administration progressives regarding climate, national security, crime, and the border, we can rationally conclude that they are being purposely implemented to render our society unsuccessful, not successful, in its traditional aims, causing what could be the ultimate destruction of a thriving, liberal enlightenment society.

    Or we’re attributing nefarious intent to stupidity. I don’t buy that these people have that kind of cunning. It’s just an organism instinctively making the environment more suitable for itself.

    1. It is intentional, even if most Democrats don’t have a clue what their party is doing.

      They have conferences and publish their plans and ideological justifications.

      It makes sense to them but irrational to outsiders but most outsiders don’t understand what they are up against.

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