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  1. Boing Deep Throat might as well be speaking in tongues. We might understand him, but the powers that be do not, and more, don’t wish to understand him.

    Multiply this times a thousand and you can see why the US is doomed.

  2. You know what really bothers me?

    It is not all of the mandatory Implicit Bias training and the virtue signaling done by the Department of Chemical Engineering with the signs on everyone’s door.

    You know what really gets to me?

    Canvas. The “learning management system” forced on us by Campus upper administration.

    And Canvas is nothing but a Web authoring system. Like WordPress.

    And what gets to me is I have a class I need to prepare for tomorrow afternoon, it is going on 8 minutes that I am sitting here waiting for a page containing the Matlab code to the in-class exercise.

    Nobody, I mean nobody, provides a Web authoring and hosting service that takes that long to load a page.

    What is wrong with these people?

    1. I’m reminded of Mordoc the Preventer of IT, a character from the Dilbert strip. Have you checked the memory consumption on the machine when you are running that web app? It’s amazing what a couple of 16GB DIMMs can do for your machine. See if you can pull two (one from two different machines) from the computers in the upper administration offices around 3am.

  3. The two 737 max crashes, LionAir and Ethiopian Airlines, were not engineering failures. Both aircraft were at full power upon impact. That is a cerebral shortcoming, not a design flaw.
    DEI, like whiskey, gets blamed for a lot of things they did not cause.
    In times of economic stress, behind-the-scenes safety backups are trimmed. Recent failures were supposed to be caught and corrected before failure, but the second set of eyes has been removed or ignored.
    When accountant types take over for engineers and builders, this is usually the result.
    The suppliers to Boeing are not immune to this practice, nor is Boeing and their customers.
    This looks to me like lawyers trying to prep the jury pool rather than correct a manufacturing flaw.
    All companies have to deal with DEI. Not all need to blame it for their problems.

    1. “The two 737 max crashes, LionAir and Ethiopian Airlines, were not engineering failures.”

      I both agree and disagree. I read about one incident that happened to an AA crew that was dealt with without drama by following the proper procedure for run away trim. At the same time, making a major change in the way that the trim system worked and deliberately hiding that fact form both the FAA and pilots made some sort of bad incident practically inevitable. That the software itself was one of the most stupid implementations I’ve ever heard of was the icing that killed all those passengers.

      Third world pilot qualifications are another deep dark hole that no one is anxious to look into. Boeing has a big say in how those pilots are trained when it comes to their aircraft, don’t forget. How many flights a day do you imagine there’d be if every pilot was required to be as good as Chuck Yeager or Sully?

      Watch a few of these:

      It’s not about flying the airplane anymore, it’s about trying to predict how all the different automatic systems will react and interact at any given time.

  4. “We see the problem.”

    “Nothing we can do to fight back.”

    Two problems.

    No cajones.

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