7 thoughts on “Palestinians Are Adults”

  1. I’ve been wondering if the lefts’ failure to grant “brown people” any moral agency goes back to Indian encounters, slavery, and Jim Crow, through to their current BLM and other movements.

  2. Biden loses the plot on Israel.
    As predicted, and on schedule. I agree with those who say the pause on Rafah enabled this.

    1. I wasn’t aware he ever had a plot, on Israel or anything else — except his next serving of ice ccream.

  3. “Palestinians are adults”
    Huh average age of Palestinians, whose opinion is worth a damn in that culture is 17.7. Depending on your definition that not adult and any thing below 24 is literally a stupid adult.

    IF Israel was really serious about taking out Hamas. Why do the adults in it that reside in Qatar are still drawing breath? How goes the freeing the hostages? Instead they have killed relief workers who were literally feeding children. OF course around here the preferred solution to Palestine is ‘the final’ kind.

    1. You are bad at trolling. Find a new hobby more suited to your mentality, such as cleaning cowsheds.

      1. Nah. He’s just trying to justify the view that the Hamasites are naughty children and the Israelis are inflicting harsh corporal punishment on them.

        By the way, taking and keeping hostages is a warcrime that justifies all actions necessary to find and release them. The Hamasites taking home souvenirs and sex toys as plunder was a big mistake.

        And he knows that attacking the cowards hiding in Qatar would widen the war, and that the hostages are long dead.

        (Hell, if Trump wins, expect the GOP leadership to consider asylum in Qatar, too.)

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