11 thoughts on “Covid Didn’t Destroy Businesses And Lives”

  1. Every single thing the Government does, including just the things it is Constitutionally required to do (defense, post office, etc) it does incredibly inefficiently.

    I’m willing to tolerate an inefficient defense, so long as it’s a good defense. But nothing else can be called ‘good’…..

    1. This number comes from where?

      Did our population fall by that many?

      Or do you mean the people who died with it? Some of those died of cancer others of heart attack others of vehicle accidents and so on. Maybe where I live was special as our overall death rates did not go up in a metro of 2 million people.

        1. Agreed. But genetically optimized viruses made to infect humans tend to do that. The mortality rates among the chimeric mice at the Wuhan lab were frightening and should have given any experimenter pause. Should have.

          Of course viruses do what viruses do and COVID mutated into a highly infectious but relatively non-lethal sickness because without living hosts a virus cannot reproduce enough to make the next favorable mutation.

          We have enough serial passage through the human population of the planet to have optimized COVID to its present form which makes it largely indistinguishable from the common cold.

          I suspect nothing has changed but our memory of the events.

  2. I agree that there were unintended consequences to the governments response and so blame there is appropriate. But you have to have very large excess deaths from unintended consequences to make up for the excess deaths from the COVID virus itself.

    1. Around 3.4 million globally for those that were attributed to COVID according to the WHO.

      Regrettably, like much Internet based information, my go-to resource for global COVID information from John Hopkins is now behind some kind of subscription paywall it appears.

      Using the Internet as a resource for data operates much in the same fashion as Dr. Franklin is quoted about the result in Philadelphia.

      To paraphrase: “We have an Internet. An on-line computer database of instantly accessible information and data. If you can keep access to it.”

      1. Somethings, like the disappearing web-based viral genomic sequences at the WIV in 2019, never change….

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