The Corruption Of Climate Science

“…it occurred because some of our most important institutions have let us down. The scientific peer review process has failed to catch obvious methodological errors in research papers. Leading scientific assessments have ignored conflicts of interest and adopted flawed methods. The major media has been selectively incurious as to the impact of big money in climate advocacy on climate science, assessments, and policy.”

6 thoughts on “The Corruption Of Climate Science”

  1. Lost me at “Before proceeding, let’s make a few things absolutely clear. There is no doubt that climate change is real, and is significantly influenced by our activities, particularly through the emissions of carbon dioxide.”
    Another climate grifter.

    1. I look at that as a way of not immediately turning off his target audience; it isn’t us. He’s talking to the left. I’m afraid he’s talking to a wall, expecting an appeal for intellectual honesty from the left to work.

  2. “…let’s make a few things absolutely clear.

    Sorry, whenever I hear that sort of rhetoric alarm klaxons start sounding in my head. At best it is an Appeal to Authority and most any other time the speaker is about to flat out lie to you.

    Roger Pielke, Jr , as far as I have heard, is a Lukewarmer and not a ‘grifter’.

  3. There is no evidence that any warming is due to the little extra CO2. We had cooling from 1945 or so to the late 1970’s while CO2 went up.
    Jr makes his living writing and talking about “climate change”. The retired guys like Lindezen, Happer et al have no axes to grind and do not. They think any CO2 effect is negligible.

  4. I do not fear. I do not fear ‘OMG, we’re all going to die’ folks. I soon will have options to live on the moon or on Mars and be rid of these cognitive lite-weights.

    I will choose to not live amongst the willing mentally ill.

  5. Money corrupts. Government money corrupts absolutely.
    I know I’ve heard something like that somewhere?…

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