11 thoughts on “Biden’s Middle-East Policy”

  1. Policy? Other than giving Iran billions of dollars to development missiles and nukes or being the Taliban’s armorer, I don’t see much of a policy.

  2. I’ve said this before but…

    Hearing their victims plead for their lives saying, “Don’t don’t don’t.” Is what excits them. They want their victims to suffer.

    Why Iran is trying so hard to goad us into war? What is the trap?

    Something to keep in mind, we bankrupted the USSR and now we are being bankrupted, mostly by ourselves

  3. Iran had no problem with an embassy violation 11/04/79.

    Goats aren’t supposed to kick back.

  4. I loved Peter Doocy’s question of John “Kabul” Kirby at the White House Monday:

    DOOCY TIME: “John, has President Biden considered maybe beefing up the public Iran posture to be more than just one word?”

    WH’s John Kirby: “You — you’re referring to, ‘don’t’?”

    Doocy: “Yeah.”

    The whole exchange is a hoot.


  5. Biden paid tribute to his maternal uncle yesterday who died in WWII.

    Which reminds me, does anyone here know the recipe for Finnegan Stew?

    1. I think it’s significant that the right-leaning media were not alone in taking this one apart. Pretty much the entire mainstream media were up front in saying that pretty much every single detail of the tale Biden told was wrong, though they tried to frame it nicely. Prior to this, they would just have ignored the whole thing.

      I think they’re gearing up to dump Biden.

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