15 thoughts on “The Next Mania”

  1. Well, it might be a scare, that we entering an Ice Age.
    Which is impossible because we are in an Ice Age.

  2. Not climate change – we’ve been playing that for decades now.

    It’ll be reparations or something like it – equity

    1. Reparations is a good bet, especially if Trump does better with the black vote this year. The Dems will figure those folks as stupid enough that they can be bought off with the promise of future jackpots (“forty acres and a mule?”), and it fits right in with their “Hate Whitey” factions, who will push it hard.

    2. Reparations! Yeah yeah! That’s the ticket!
      I want my reparation cash for being forced to learn “new math”. Esp. Venn Diagrams.

  3. I don’t buy into the narratives that our greatest existential threats are global warming, global cooling, viral apocalypse, high capacity magazines, J6 Insurrection, Trump’s reelection.

    I do buy into the notion that too many of the mentally ill are inadequately cared for.

  4. Our greatest existential threat is the plague of Government spreading rapidly and growing more virulent and malign.

  5. The manias are largely manifestations of clever manipulation of populations to spread the above mentioned Plague. It isn’t just a mind virus but a nasty parasite.

  6. The next mania is Christian Nationalism, the conspiracy theory that Christians want a theocratic dictatorship. This is being spun up the same time Democrats are using government to persecute Christians and the Democrat’s militias engage in direct action against churches and other Christian organizations.

    The intent is to provoke a response by abusing Christians and then attack any response as Christian Nationalism and used as justification for further persecution. Christians are not permitted to speak out about abuses, to have any role in government, express their faith outside their home, or enjoy any of the rights that other Americans get to enjoy.

    But really, it will just be one of several manias as they need to cycle between them to prevent burnout, make bad news disappear, and take advantage of unfolding events.

  7. I think climate change is petering out, especially as the “transition to clean, renewable energy” is revealing itself to the public in Europe as the pack of lies it always was. I’m not really sure what the next mania will be.

    The Left has become very adept at spotting nascent manias, turning them to their own ends, and amplifying them until they destroy civilization just a little bit more. We’re in the middle of pro-Holocaust mania, which just started last October 7th. By pro-Holocaust, I don’t mean favoring what Hitler did. I mean, the mobs are now pushing for the world to finish the job for him, once and for all. Look how fast that came up.

    The one “oops” the Left had was with the Pound Me Too Movement. It was becoming the dominant mania until it became apparent that the genuine bad guys in it were almost all Democrats. And when Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her, suddenly none of these women were to be believed. It was a replay of the Clinton campaign, when women alleging sexual assault were not only not listened to, they were actively destroyed by the Democrats.

    What’s next? I don’t know, but it may have something to do with “too much free speech.”

  8. “too much free speech.”
    Free Speech? I think not. They will have to start taxing it in order to pay for all the lawfare.

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