The Space Regulation Mess

Jeff Foust has a good description of the current state of play.

I think that this is bogus: ““The FAA, Department of Transportation, has been doing human spaceflight safety for many years…”

The FAA has never been responsible for human-spaceflight safety. In
fact, under the learning period, it has no legislative authority to do so. It has never done mission assurance for either satellites or participants. Does Rich DalBello really subscribe to this statement?

It also begs the question that any federal agency should be responsible for the safety of commercial spaceflight participants, either on the way to orbit, on the way back, or in space. The debate we should be having is not which agency, but whether the federal government should have responsibility at all at this point in time. I don’t see how Article VI requires it. I’m tempted to write an op-ed.

5 thoughts on “The Space Regulation Mess”

  1. I’m tempted to write an op-ed.
    Yes and soon. I hear creaking gears churning in the background and in the dark. Best to be way out ahead of the steamroller rather than under it.

  2. The eternal answer to the question “Should the government ………”

    And there is only one answer: “NO”

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