2 thoughts on “Reverse Gaslighting”

  1. Yeah, yeah, sand in the skateboard park. I got your sand-in-the-skateboard-park, right here!

    It is the start of Fall Semester 2020. Having precipitously told its students to not return from Spring Break, a coordinated plan from the Chancelors and Presidents of the major universities, and having given its faculty a crash course in teaching online, the U decides to return to in-person instruction.

    Barely 2 weeks into the semester, the word is that students are socializing in bars outside of class and COVID cases, with the particularly deadly to old persons strain and with no vaccine and not-very-good masks, are spiking.

    A business owner of a local construction company and real-estate developer elected to Dane County Executive gets on the tee-vee and shames the U for all of this, effectively shutting us down and returning us to online instruction.

    We are talking about a local construction contractor hectoring “the highly educated elites” at the U about not taking COVID seriously.

    We, the smarty-pants world-class public research university shut down by complaints to the County Health Department. How embarassing!

    1. Ah the drawbacks of a New World education. Back in the old country at the more established institutions of learning, instead of curfews, they just need to lower the trellis, raise the drawbridge and flood the moat.

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