6 thoughts on “Quotations From Chairman Maher”

  1. If or when the party of stupid takes back control of the WH and the Congress and they DON’T defund NPR/PBS they will have rightfully earned the title.

    Regrettably the local classical music station I listen to all the time would become an unintended casualty. But I’d gladly rally to their support should they lose Federal funding. And since they only serve about a 200 mi radius of listeners (outside of their streaming app) I don’t see why they shouldn’t. For streaming they could charge under a subscription fee from a stream provider like Spotify. I’d gladly pay that too, in fact I already do.

    1. Sorry 200 mi is way too generous for an FM station. Make it a 100 mi radius. And that’s pretty darn good for hilly & wooded terrain.

      About three decades ago they were commercial (!) then swapped frequencies with the local Country and Western station and went to the full 50kW atop a well known local office tower / landmark. Surprises people that they are public radio and not down in the 88s to 91.9s on the FM band with the rest of the panhandlers (FCC’s doing) but it’s because they had that commercial heritage.

    1. EXCLUSIVE: Katherine Maher says that she abandoned a “free and open” internet as the mission of Wikipedia, because those principles recapitulated a “white male Westernized construct” and “did not end up living into the intentionality of what openness can be.”

      Maybe there are some white male. Westernized constructs that should be recapitulated?

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