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  1. Sure, it is because Democrats in media view reporting on the Democrat protesters would be bad press for Democrats but it also because they believe what their protesters believe. They think Jews are from Europe, colonized Israel, and exemplify white supremacism.

    “Amid the current conflict, it’s evident there is tacit agreement among most in the mainstream media that because Israel is defending itself by trying to root out Hamas in Gaza, the behavior of protesters is somehow justifiable and acceptable—but only because it involves Israel and the Jews.”

    Democrats always protest like this. It is only because Jews are targeted instead of Republicans that it is getting any notice. Why would they think protesting like that is unacceptable when it has been a moral obligation to protest like this?

  2. What is “anti-semitism”?

    The word seems to be used very broadly these days. Even to the point of being applied to anyone who expresses an opinion that doesn’t align with the pro-Israel side. Frankly, I’m finding the way it’s being slung about to be a bit on the bullying side, which irks me.

    I know folks on both sides of the equation, and find no good actors in what’s going on over there. Both sides are being Dicks, in their own ways, and the fact that they are Jewish or Muslim doesn’t change the fact that both sides are being a bunch of human Dicks to each other. Coupled with the fact that as an atheist I consider what they are doing to each other in the name of made up stuff to be particularly horrific and pointless, and I come to the conclusion that there is no side I have any interest in supporting.

    Does that make me an “anti-Semite”? I don’t even know anymore.

    1. You have one side that wants to live and prosper, and you have another side that wants to kill everyone on the side that wants to live and prosper, and everyone on the planet that doesn’t share its religion. The side that wants to live and prosper does everything possible to minimize civilian casualties, and the other side does everything possible to maximize them, on both sides. Not sure how you see any kind of moral equivalence there.

    2. It isn’t hard to tell the difference between policy differences and hatred that people exist but it should also be expected that people have different views on the war that aren’t motived by ethnic hatred. Different views and different levels of support should be OK.

      I’ve found the arguing over the war in Gaza to be much milder than how the Ukraine cheerleaders treat everyone but I’ve noticed the attacks have been softening as many Ukraine supporters don’t support Israel. I don’t know if anyone learned any lessons out of it.

      I have had a lot of good conversations with Hamas supporters and after a few insults, we usually agree that Jews have been there for many thousands of years and that while the Arabs haven’t been there as long, it doesn’t matter as they have been there a long time as well. The back and forth over real and imagined historical sins doesn’t matter as much as what takes place in the future.

      Here is where everything falls apart but it is the only important part of the conversation.

      If it makes any difference, atheists are treated differently in the two cultures. I know what kind of culture I want to live in as an outsider.

  3. I married a Muslim women.

    I owned and operated a business for more than 25 years with a partner who is a Jew.

    My life has been largely good. Unhappy people are just going to be unhappy.

  4. I left out that I don’t have a religious bone in my body.

    It’s not hard to get along with one another if you feel like it.

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