5 thoughts on “It Begins”

  1. More like it ends with a “lame” whimper, clown. Luckily the Iranians are more rational adults than you’ll give them credit for.
    Doubt we will find out any time soon or ever but have to wonder was this launched from Israeli Territory or just within Iran.

    1. Lol, OK Baghdad Bob.

      Israel penetrated Iranian airspace and Iran couldn’t do anything about it. They used trickery against the Iranians and it is funny to see tricks played on the tricksters.

      The message is a simple one. Israel can hit the most sensitive sites in Iran whenever they want and selecting targets in Iran in response to the Iranian war against Israel are on the menu.

  2. Every time an Iranian proxy attacks Israel, Israel should hit a target in Iran along with hitting the proxy.

    Tit for tat.

    Israel doesn’t have an exit. They don’t have an option to stop fighting. For Iran, the exit is offered, release the hostages, Hamas surrenders, and Iran stops attacking Israel. Iran will only have a choice on a few of those things for several more months.

  3. Iran is serving an actual purpose: keeping Israel vigilant and prepared.

    For being so smart (the folks, not the political leaders), Iran is really dumb (the political leaders, not the folks. mostly).

    One still has to wonder how so many smart people allow stupid people to govern (manage, control, stick two fingers up their noses) them.

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