11 thoughts on “About That Pier In Gaza”

  1. Ships fires save American lives – The only fitting news headline I could think of for this story.

  2. The Army has a Navy?! That statement alone says a lot about the hollow empire. What a fluster cluck.

    1. The Army has had ships since the 19th century.


      Salamander’s sneer about the Army’s watercraft being commanded by warrant officers is annoying. Those warrant officers have spent their entire careers around watercraft, unlike the Navy’s commissioned officers who spend half their careers in office chairs. Salamander is a lawyer in civilian life and it is not clear to me that he was ever a line officer rather than a JAG.

    2. Not as troubling as this snippet:
      Remember what I told you about the fate of the East Coast Amphibious Construction Battalion TWO (ACB2) last summer? This story aligns well with the Anglosphere’s problem with seablindness we discussed on yesterday’s Midrats with James Smith.

      The Navy’s East Coast Amphibious Construction Battalion (you’d probably recognize them as SEABEES) Salamander references stood down on March 2. It’s gone. There’s only ACB1 left, and where?

      The West Coast.

      Starting to see a problem yet?

      The Navy said it would be sending ACB1 along with its own group of logistics ships to the Mediterranean to assist the Army vessels and personnel.

      The fate of ACB2.

  3. Give it another month or two of delay and there’s a good change this administration will forget all about this.

    Just ask the Border Czar.

  4. Shipping TwitteX has been all over this issue for a while now. We have a lot of problems and they aren’t hard to solve but would take money and the most expensive part, time.

    It sure is embarrassing that all the ships Biden sent to build the pier broke down but it is also embarrassing that these ships had not been replaced.

    The Bobo and friends are pretty impressive. They filled a vital role and building replacements for that line should be a priority. Sal of Whats going on in Shipping talked about them.


  5. The money isn’t going to the right places.

    Your best education is always “follow the money”.

    See where it goes, who gets it, what is done with it.

    You’ll eventually catch on to the nature of the system.

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