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  1. AstraZenica has pulled their vaccine from the market. They’re getting their pants sued off in the UK.

  2. I was not in a position to refuse it and had negative reactions, nearly died. May 22 is my alive day.

    Because the topic is so forbidden, medical people don’t know what to look for or how to treat side effects. This is especially true in blue states where even voicing concerns would get you blacklisted from hospitals and no Dr would risk their career going against the establishment.

  3. One of the great medical screwups of all time. Sure glad we didn’t take it for which I am forever grateful to Karl Denninger http://www.market-ticker.org who warned that Operation Warpspeed was going to fail right after it was announced. He was right.
    The up side of this is that it is now obvious to anyone who cares to look that the political establishment are clowns, fools and liars.

  4. Never wore a mask, never took the vaccine(s).

    Never got covid.

    Still alive.

    Never trusted Pharma on this matter.

    Pharma has kept me alive with my asthma.

    Love/hate thingy.

  5. Since the vaccine campaign began in 2021, about 1,100,000 more Americans died than would have been expected based on previous trends. Of those, 300,000 were between the ages of 15 and 64.

    Excess deaths during the pandemic year 2020 totalled 458,000, but most of those were older Americans, with only 124,000 (27 per cent) in the 15-64 age group. In 2021, the figure for that younger group rose to 215,000 (47 per cent).

    Sorry, that’s not at all a persuasive argument. There were more than a third as many excess deaths in 2020 before the vaccines could possibly be a factor. And the alleged shift in ages affected can simply be explained by older populations doing more to protect themselves from covid infection (isolation and vaccination perhaps).

    Finally, it is alleged that post-vaccine (2021 and beyond), 300k in the 15 to 64 age bracket out of a total of 1.1 million. 300k/1.1 million = 27%. We might not have any shift in age distribution of excess deaths in the first place!

    At this point, what problem is really illustrated by these claims?

    1. I hear you.

      Why we are supposed to “die fighting on this hill” confounds me when there are so many clear-cut concerns.

      My intuition about vaccine risk is that there was a lot of media attention in 2021 about rare cases of blood clots with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which was immediately withdrawn from the market until things got evaluated better. If there was a problem with the mRNA vaccines, the media would have been all over that, too.

      In one sense, people in the media are vaccine Karens who are fighting COVID Misinformation ™. On the other hand, they would be just itching to get a story about how big bad pharma is exploiting the little people by hiding the truth about how their COVID vaccines are defective.

  6. My wife was in the hospital receiving CAR-T for lymphoma and they wouldn’t let me in without at least one shot. I selected J&J as the most tradition vaccine and also a nurse told me hospital staff was selecting it for themselves. My wife was told when she was release, she should get a vax, or they would select one for her at next checkup, so I got her a J&J as well. No immediate side effects for either of us and it’s now been 3 years, but who knows. We’re both 73.

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