13 thoughts on “No Convention Switcheroo”

  1. I fully expect the Democratic National Convention this year to be a major sh*t-show thanks to Democrat infiltrators with an agenda. One that had better make it into the party platform or else.

    My only wish was that they had held it in Detroit instead of Chicago. Specifically Dearborn. Oh well. Dearborn to Chicago is not that far either by car or by bus… For TV viewers I recommend plenty of popcorn.

    Could be as good as ’68…

    1. due to their negligence in Ohio,

      No, this was intentional. Bideneers’ picked the date to disarm a torpedo. Can’t wait to hear his nomination speech cuck-up this year. Will we get to hear aloud, “Wait for applause….”?

      1. If there’s one thing the DNC doesn’t want at this year’s convention and will strive to prevent at all cost, it is democracy.

      2. One wonders if there’s reason they have to railroad this so hard? Perhaps if they leave even a slight gap, the herd will stampede away from Biden?

        1. The Democratic Party really doesn’t need members. In fact that is counter-productive. What they do need are printed ballots and suitcases. Lots and lots of suitcases.

  2. Democrats are stuck with Joe.

    Not if he dies…

    (Of old age, of course. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain with the gun.)

  3. What are the odds that certifying Biden/Harris as the ticket in this virtual vote to satisfy Ohio violates the process for some other state?

    1. If I were in the RNC, I’d be submitting a court challenge in Ohio ASAP. Virtual vote indeed.

        1. Reality is that I would not be in favor of this legal tactic against Democrats in Ohio any more than when Democrats were trying to get Trump off the ballot in Colorado, etc.

  4. I figured they would ditch him at the convention and not let the voters pick a candidate but there are probably some other shenanigans they can pull. Can’t really look at laws and regulations as impediments here.

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