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  1. Three decades into the 21st Century, there is no reason all of the executive agencies need to be in DC. Decentralize, decentralize, decentralize. And if that’s too expensive; dissolve, dissolve, dissolve.

    Q: How are US Federal Government Departments created? How can they be dissolved?

    Redacted Answer:
    Executive Orders
    While the primary mechanism for creating or dissolving federal departments is through legislation, the President can also use executive orders to reorganize functions within the executive branch. However, such actions typically involve moving functions between existing departments or agencies rather than creating or completely dissolving a department. Significant changes still generally require legislative approval.

      1. You need to realize, decentralization is feasible. Dissolution not really. But you can move them out, then narrow, narrow, narrow their focus via EOs. Hopefully, eventually, we’ll have to most regulated paper clip industry in the world.

        To quote a famous green lady: All in good time, my dear, all in good time. These matters must be treated dellllicately. Or else you harm the spell!

        1. Disperse indeed. Keep the agency lifers from getting together after hours at DC cocktail/dinner parties and plotting fresh mischief. Move agency HQs out of DC and put them in places where the people they’ve been screwing for decades live. The Dept. of the Interior, for example, should be moved to someplace like Cheyenne, WY or Kalispell, MT. Dept. of Agriculture should move to Omaha, NE or Sioux City, IA – except for the part that handles “food stamps.” That part should go to Detroit or Oakland. One hopes Trump is already figuring out the details of such a bureaucratic diaspora.

  2. Of course another Constitutional Amendment that will never be passed is a sunset provision on all Executive Branch agencies.

    That and Congressional term limits….

  3. The article mentioned Eric C. Conn, which is a fascinating story if you’re into those sorts of things. I can’t remember which streaming service I watched it on, but that guy is aptly named…

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