6 thoughts on “The Latest Marxism In The UK”

  1. “The real problem, they say, isn’t that the country isn’t building enough housing. Rather, it’s that too many bedrooms are being hoarded by homeowners who don’t really need them.”

    It’s pretty obvious what they’re angling for: force people with “extra” bedrooms to move into smaller houses to “free up” the extra bedrooms. Or just, like the Soviets did, force people to accept strangers into their homes to take up the “excess”. And those strangers are probably going to be “refugees”.

    1. Oh, wait, I kept on reading and…

      “The authors of the CASE paper candidly acknowledge these practical difficulties of redistributing bedrooms.

      They do half-heartedly suggest taxing “excess” floor space and housing while conceding such taxes could merely force lower-income people to sell their homes and force others into “resource-efficient but involuntary and potentially abusive sharing arrangements.”

      Instead, their paper looks more positively at policies that strike at the heart of the problem: private property rights. They propose limiting the amount of time people could own their own homes and compulsory government purchases of “under-occupied” housing.”

      Knew it.

  2. From the bottom of the second page:

    All rights reserved. Short sections of text, not to exceed two paragraphs,
    may be quoted without explicit permission provided that full credit,
    including  notice, is given to the source.

    Force people to share or divest of extra rooms because someone just wants to 1984, but you can’t quote three paragraphs! You can tell it’s quality ideology when property rights are selectively enforced in the paper itself.

    1. Just to be clear, the quote is from the paper linked at the substack.

      Personal property isn’t private property or whatever the commies say

  3. Gov Inslee said they would impede people living outside of cities and while ADUs are OK, the mentality is that we have to all live in a closet to save the planet. It will be OK because of the communal kitchen and garden.

    On top of that, rent control means that every year there is a guaranteed increase in rent. A landlord can’t let a good renter who is clean, quiet, and doesn’t break stuff live there several years at the same rent and then raise the rent to market when they leave, so they will make whatever % increase they are allowed every year.

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