Islamists Keep Stabbing People

Why are we not allowed to talk about it?

This “Islamaphobephobia” has been going on since 911. Whenever an Islamist Islamists, the knee-jerk reaction is to express concern over our reaction to it, rather than the act (similar to how when there is Democrat wrong doing, the story is about Republicans “pouncing”). And it’s not just in Europe; the pro-Hamas demonstrations and riots indicate that it’s here as well, and we’ve been letting many in at the open border. The administration’s notion that Gazans should be “resettled” here is insane.

6 thoughts on “Islamists Keep Stabbing People”

  1. Democrats belong to an international political party and they work in coordination with other leftists to achieve common goals. Destabilizing countries through mass immigration, especially from areas of the world that have a strong hatred for the host countries and specific groups in those host countries, is intentional.

    It is a form of ethnic cleansing.

  2. Settle the Gazans here? Indeed, a very scary idea. Besides, under the old British Mandate they already have a homeland. It’s called Jordan.

    1. This is correct. It was a two-state solution from the start. Still exists today.
      Their point is not a ‘two state solution’ or a new Palestinian state. The point is and always was to eliminate the state of Israel.

  3. I can’t recall which blogger said it, but for a long time people would requote “Local Muslims worried about backlash from tomorrow’s bus bombing.”

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