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    1. Fascism and communism are not opposite ends of a linear spectrum, they are adjacent ideologies on a circumferential spectrum

      1. I think what is missing from, “Oh, yeah, Nazism was just a different version of Socialism” is the factionalism that develops within every “ism.”

        People drop the term “Brown Shirt” as a synonym for “Nazi”, but the Brown Shirts, known as the SA or “Storm Troopers” were a populist faction within Nazism that Hitler had purged along with killing its leader Ernst Rohm. Having helped bring Hitler to power, they had outlived their usefulness inasmuch they could potentially direct “the street” to overthrow him.

        The SA were largely “political activist” street thugs who swaggered around in their badly tailored brown uniforms. I confuse them with the SS, who started out as a palace guard for the Nazi inner circle. SA, SS, what’s the difference, but the initials stood for words in German with entirely different meaning, and the SS didn’t just evolve out of the SA. The SS also had high-fashion (designer Hugo Boss) black uniforms.

        All of this is explained on the YouTube channel of “Tik”, a British WW-II history geek who talks somewhat but not completely unlike Ringo Starr.

        Think of it. Why was Robespierre send to the guillotine meant for executing old-order aristocrats? Why did Hitler “liquidate” Rohm? Why did Stalin send agents to Mexico to murder Trotsky? Weren’t they both Soviet Commies so why couldn’t they just get along with each other?

        The problem is that the current leadership in Washington isn’t clued in to the factional landscape in the Middle East and is making bad decisions as a consequence.

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