8 thoughts on “California’s Paradise”

  1. I predict the ultimate outcome of “smash and grab” will be that all retail purchases will have to be made on-line for home delivery only in gated & privately patrolled communities. Delivery vehicles be they FedEx, UPS, or USPS will become as heavily armored as IED resistant APCs and handgun training for drivers is de-rigor.

    Ahhhh life in the sunny and laid-back Californicatia.

      1. “5th largest economy”: A phrase I’ve been hearing since the last century. Never 4th or 6th, always “5th”. Like any magic incantation, repeat it enough times, and it’s gotta be true.

    1. You should try reading the link and commenting on it. As a commie fluffer, your perspective on the issues raised would be valuable, if predictable.

  2. I was happy to leave Monarch and the Golden State in 2003, for good.

    And it was FOR GOOD.

    Since, I’ve been back five or six times, and each time I’m more and more disgusted by what I see…

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