4 thoughts on “Totalitarianism”

  1. The problem is, what needed to happen was for the entire team to quit, but those girls didn’t–understandably–want to hang up their careers.

    1. Most or all, I’m betting, would have been foregoing their “scholarships” as well. How sports became so central to colleges and universities that it became mandatory that they hire professional athletes in all but name is another issue. All in the name of “higher” education. At least the swimmers weren’t pursuing the fantasy of a big pro payoff, unless they were delusional.

  2. “…you need to be re-educated…” Sounds straight out of the Marxist playbook.

    Those poor young women. I bet more than a few are suffering from PTSD now. And all so a mediocre male swimmer could become a record breaker in women’s sports.

    1. Stalinist, more accurately. Unknown millions were locked away as insane, with the excuse that any protest against the actions of the perfect Socialist State was obvious signs of mental illness, since the Party was perfect and the actions of the Party were only for the benefit of all. Not wanting the State and Party to act in ways to benefit The People meant you were deemed a sociopath and needed treatment.

      The parallels to the current Leftist mob is frightening but not unexpected.

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