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  1. She’s expecting an industrial nation to “decarbonize”, asnd then can’t understand why it is headed for disaster. The only thing she gets right is the need for nuclear. But she shows no understanding as to how an industrial civilization can run entirely on electric power. It isn’t possible. Probably the best way to address it with her is to challenge her to prove that it IS possible.

    Honestly, I can’t take the rest of her scientific opinions seriously anymore. Her stated beliefs on the “climate crisis” – starting with the idea that there is such a thing – are straight out of the newspapers, not the scientific literature or even the NOAA and NASA websites. Her beliefs are based on model outputs, none of which predict anything accurately. Even climate alarmists don’t believe the things she does, such as warming being worst in the tropics. Even the climate models don’t predict that. They show the greatest warming at high latitudes. In fact, only the northern hemisphere is showing such a trend. The southern seems to be either steady, or cooling.

    I commented on her video about general circulation models, and she sent me a YouTube message to contact her on Telegram private. I had never used Telegram, and found that the “private” part was on s subscription basis. I have too many subscriptions as it is, so I didn’t sign up. But I did see a non-private account in her name, and pinged it. I have corresponded with that account, but don’t think it’s actually her.

  2. I enjoy her comments about particle physics, astrophysics, quantum physics, etc. Unfortunately, when she wanders into climate science, she’s embarrassingly ignorant. Having worked in the paleoclimate field for over two decades, I grit my teeth whenever she speaks from the pulpit of the Church of Carbon Apocalypse. I don’t think I am suffering from the Gell-Mann effect (I know a fair pit of physics), but I think she is. She is skeptical about all things in her fields of expertise, but swallows whole all pronouncements from the Consensus Squad and the Hockey Team.

    1. Bringing the Holocaust into this discussion with a German born well after WW-II is a cheap shot.

      On the other hand, since Dr. Hossenfelder brought this up, complaining that Belgium has better Internet, a country Germany trampled over twice in the 20th century shows a remarkable lack of historical self-awareness.

      Is Belgium and its citizens so backwards that it is axiomatic that Belgium having more fiber-optic lines is a sign of the imminent collapse of Germany?

      Belgium, its citizens and ethnic Belgians get picked on by everyone from the late Douglas Adams of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to people in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, but if Belgium is prosperous and forward thinking to have high-speed Internet, more power to them.

  3. She started off a recent video with a “humorous” attack on Trump supporters. So I objected, asking if it’s really a good thing to insult a fair chunk of her viewership. So the next video I watched, she doubled down.

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