3 thoughts on “Just In Time For The Election”

  1. In which case, I’d better not expect much for sales at the fall shows. Sales have been down all year for our business (we sell at comic cons and anime cons, with the occasional old-school fan-run sf convention), and a lot of our money has been coming from clearance sales on discontinued lines of product. I’d been planning to do some restocking around late August, but that may be scaled back or eliminated, depending on what things look like.

  2. Will be? Two consecutive quarters of negative growth is a recession. Four is a depression. We’re approaching 18.

  3. Consumers are the end of the line. Look further up the chain – are farmers and the like investing in new equipment etc.? They haven’t been here for years, everything is moving into survival mode.
    Economic ignorance is all that’s feeding any positive reports now.

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