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Off To Florida

I’ll be pretty much off the air today (unless I decide to purchase wifi on the plane), but should be back up tomorrow.

(Update at 1400 PDT)

Mission abort. My flight to DFW was delayed an hour when I arrived at the gate, which would have meant a missed connection on the last flight to PBI. So I changed to a better flight tomorrow.

(Tuesday morning update)

On the plane to Dallas.


Blog Issue

Is anyone out there seeing the mobile site from their desktop?

[Update early evening]

Reading comments, this seems like a WordPress problem (or a problem with the mobile site add-on). Have no idea what I could do about it, except to disable it.

[Late-evening update]

OK, seems to be a problem that occurs “at random,” according to comments. I have not idea how to fix that…

[Thursday-morning update]

I just did a WordPress update a few days ago. It may be that I need to update some plug ins as well. I’ll give it a try sometime today.

Across The Pond

About to leave Miami for London, first time in an A380. I’ll check in when I get to Heathrow. If my phone works…

(Update a few hours later)

Standing in a long line at Heathrow for passport control. If they have the poor judgment to let me into the country, I’ll be heading into town for lunch with friends in Chelsea.

Patching Vinyl

I’m sleeping on an aerobed in Florida (the house is basically devoid of furniture while we prep it to sell). It was a fairly cheap one, just a double, low to the ground. It’s developed a leak (two, actually) and I’ve been waking up on a hard tile floor in the middle of the night. I tried patching it with a standard tire kit, and no joy. I went to Walmart to get a vinyl repair kit. No joy. Only thing I can try at this point is to try to clean it with acetone, then try once more, but I suspect that the glues simply don’t work on this material.

Fortunately, I had the foresight to purchase another bed at Walmart, so I guess that’s what I’ll sleep on for the next couple nights.

[Thursday-afternoon update]

OK, a tube of Loctite 60 and duct tape seems to have done the trick. I now have a double-thick mattress. Should be the most comfortable sleep I’ve had since I moved back in here.

[Update a few minutes later]

Oh, fun. I got glue on my index finger, and now my phone won’t recognize my fingerprint. #21stCenturyProblems