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On The Mannsuits

Want to split a gut? Read this insane comment over at Judy Curry’s place:

Mann’s strategic rational for the parallel lawsuit is evident, and is based upon the observation CEI and NR published startlingly similar, startlingly abusive, startling ill-judged editorials.


Mann’s Objective Publicly expose the command-and-control structure of climate-change denialism.

Mann’s Strategy Call witnesses to testify, under oath, regarding the parallel origins of their libelous assertions.

Mann’s Tactics Offer each of CEI and NR a plea-bargain, providing each “peaches” upon the other, regarding denialist marching-orders and astro-turfing operations.

Mann’s Guidance The Code of Omertà is robust at the institutional level of climate-change denialism, yet notoriously flimsy at the individual level. To exploit this weak point, Mann’s legal team will therefore focus legal pressure upon the individuals under whose name the libels were published. In particular, what services has CEI’s staff of 40 provided to denialist bloggers, and to sister institutions such as Heartland?


Predictions (1) CEI and NR will do all they can to ensure that individuals named in Mann’s suit do not testify under oath … or if they do, that their testimonies are well-rehearsed and carefully coordinated. (2) Conversely, Mann’s team will do all they can to exert pressure upon individual witnesses, in particular by calling multiple witnesses to the stand, and by deposing CEI and NR employees in separate discovery processes.

Question What portion of climate-change denialist prose, nominally originating from private citizens, in fact originates from CEI professional operatives?

I can’t really comment, other than to wonder if Mann himself believes lunacy like this?

A Novel Approach To Spam

Lately, I’ve been getting emails with no subject, no “from” and no content. Nothing but a return path, which I wouldn’t see if I didn’t display full headers. It’s just an empty email. I just got about half a dozen of them at once, each from a different return path.

Any theories about this?

Two Hats

Could Paul Ryan be president of the Senate, while remaining chairman of the House Budget Committee?

Well, if anyone could handle the workload, it would be him. Of course, it would partially depend on how much power he would try to take as president of the Senate, which has devolved to a pretty meaningless position in modern times. No reason that couldn’t change, though, depending on how amenable Mitch McConnell would be.

[Update a few minutes later]

Sorry, added missing link.


I find it interesting that many of the spam emails I get offering me quick loans (usually on the order of a thousand or fifteen hundred or so) use the word “loot” in the subject line to describe the funds (e.g., “We’ve got the loot the get back in your bankroll!”). I wonder if this is a deliberate connotation of theft, or just a poor understanding of the historical meaning of the word on the part of the spammer?

A Misdiagnosis

No, Mr. President, you’ve been making a lot of mistakes as president, but there has been no shortage of stories you’ve been telling the public.

Let’s see, shall we count them?

  • My administration will be the most transparent in history.
  • If you like your doctor and your insurance, you can keep them.
  • I’ll go through the budget line by line and find places to cut.
  • It’s not a tax. Except when it is.
  • I will cut the deficit in half.
  • If we pass this stimulus, unemployment will never go above eight percent.

I could go on and on.

Fending Off A Space-Alien Invasion

Does the U.S. have the needed weaponry?

Obviously, it depends on the nature of their technology, but I’d say no.

As long as we avoid becoming a spacefaring civilization (as we have been for decades, de facto, with our insane space policy) we will always be on the defense. We need to be able to take the offensive against a space-borne attack, and we don’t even have proper picket lines up in the solar system, which means that there’s a good chance that by the time we find out about them, they’ll be at our front door, and it will be too late.

I do think that we’re good against zombies, though, at least in the U.S.

[Update late Monday afternoon]

Welcome, Instapundit readers! Just a reminder that as long as we obsess about safety in space, we won’t have a chance against an invasion. We’re over halfway to the fundraising goal, with a little less than half the time remaining.

“Hi Hippy”

That was the salutation in the phishing email I got to reset my LinkedIn password (at least three of them today). Whole thing:

Hi hippy,

Can’t remember your LinkedIn password? No problem – it happens.

Please use this link to reset your password within the next 1 day:
Click here

Then sign in to LinkedIn with your new password and the email address where you received this message.

Thanks for using LinkedIn!

How stupid do they think we are? How stupid are they?