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The Yale Problem

begins in high school.

Actually, I think it starts earlier than that.

[Update a few minutes later]

Sort of related: How a Progressive became an unperson.

Over on Twitter, I’ve been noting the irony that being a racist was one of the less objectionable things about our first fascist dictator (and arguable worst president, at least until 2009). But they Left was happy with all of the other things Wilson did, including trampling on that pesky, hateful Constitution.

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How to spot and critique leftist free-speech tropes in the media. It’s worth noting that Oliver Wendell Holmes’s comment occurred during the Wilson administration.

Treating Brain Cancer

with a ketogenic diet:

After quitting my job, I decided to study for a Master’s degree in Nutritional Therapy. As I got deeper into my course work,I was shocked to discover that everything I had learned during my undergraduate studies was either false, misleading, or outdated information.

It’s an anecdote, but a pretty powerful one. The ignorance about nutrition in the health-care field is probably killing thousands.

College Pays Off

“…on average. Your results may vary.”

What, exactly, are we getting for all the money we’re spending on college? “Helping students pay for college” sounds like a fine public policy goal. “Helping people to spend years of their lives taking on debt just to find out that they’re unlikely to get a high-paying job” … considerably less so.

Degree-blind loans are disastrous. They’d never happen if the colleges and banks had skin in the game. They survive only through well-meaning but mindless taxpayer largess.

Coddling The Snowflakes

An interesting interview with Jonathan Haidt on the victims and crybullies on campus. With a bonus Mars reference.

And “Microaggression, meet Ralph Waldo Emerson.” Yes, the modern progressives are the lineal ideological descendants of the Puritans. It’s the reason Massachusetts is so blue.

Also, the seductions of safety. [Via Glenn]

George Will weighs in: On campus, freedom from speech. And Ross Douthat says it’s a crisis our campuses deserve. Yes, they created this monster.

Ed Driscoll has more, related links.

Too Young To Vote

Instapundit says that what’s happening at Yale and in Columbia shows that we need to raise the voting age.

[Monday-morning update]

Glenn has changed his mind. It’s not the under-25s that are the problem. It’s the over-25s.


The Mess On Campus

Are we creating a generation of mentally-ill, credentialed, physically mature children?

These people will never survive in the real world.

[Update a couple minutes later]

What the Yale shame should teach us.

I spent a lot of time in Columbia over the past couple weeks.

Somehow, this seems like cheap theatrics. I suspect that if they’d had a chance at a bowl, they wouldn’t have made this threat. Amusingly, I heard this morning that the basketball team (which I’d imagine has a black player or two) wants nothing to do with it. But they still have hopes for a successful season.

[Tuesday-morning update]

The “collective guilt of white people in Missouri“:

The goal is not to establish responsibility and identify actual perpetrators. The actual goal is power: the power to make demands that will be obeyed—the power to turn the tables and reverse the power differential, putting the protesters in charge of what Allan Bloom called the “dancing bears” in the university faculty and/or administration. A central demand of protesters such as those at Missouri is almost always a university-wide process of mind-control and intimidation, with the mandatory requirement that administrators offer and faculty and students attend classes and/or workshops that describe exactly what is now required in terms of speech, thought, and behavior that the protesters deem acceptable.

In other words, the protesters want to become the official campus propagandists. Perhaps they already have done so.

Yes. And in addition to the re-education camps, they won’t be satisfied with these two scalps.

Oopsie, that was racist, I guess.

[Update a while later]

Remember this is one of the top “journalism” schools in the country:

“You need to back up if you’re with the media!” a voice in the background yelled to the journalists trying to document the protest. “You need to respect the students! Back up!”

“I am a student,” Tim Tai, a student photographer trying to cover the protest, responded.

After Tai protested that the crowd was trying to push him, several people in the crowd laughed, tried to cover the camera with their hands, and responded, “Okay, then we’ll just block you.”

“You don’t have a right to take our photos,” one of the protesters asserted, apparently unaware that he was on taxpayer-funded public property that is by law open to the press.

Later in the video, the crowd aggressively started pushing the reporter around in an attempt to get him to stop covering their behavior.

As noted, I suspect they don’t think that police has such a right to “privacy” from being photographed. Freedom for me, not for thee.

[Afternoon update]

This is a little good news. The J-School faculty is voting to withdraw the courtesy appointment of the little fascist.

Fixing Broken Bread

An interesting article on going back to pre-industrial wheat.

It isn’t clear the degree to which grain is intrinsically bad for us, and to which it’s been made much worse by the current varieties and processing methods.

I found this an interesting statement: “The giant band of wheat that stripes the center of America is a byproduct of the industrial age.”

That could be said of many unhealthy things, including the public school system.