Xenophobic Bitter Clinger

Apparently, the president has become one. Well, at least he’s not clinging to his god or guns.

It’s pretty rich to hear this man complain about untraceable foreign donations, after the games he played with credit cards in the 2008 campaign.

More from Michelle (no, not that one — the one who has always been proud of her country).

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Back to the future! The White House has an “enemies list.” At least Nixon understood something about our enemies overseas.

I don’t recall, and can’t imagine, George Bush (either of them) ever calling out Democrat political operatives by name. He had a little respect for the office he held.

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The Latest Government-Caused Crisis

The Obama administration knew about the foreclosure irregularities?

it appears that the Obama administration chose to tolerate the irregularities that now threaten the housing market and the financial industry because it preferred that banks use their limited resources to focus on giving breaks to folks who couldn’t pay their mortgages, rather than on handling foreclosures properly.

I don’t know whether the irregularities in question justify an extended moratorium on foreclosures. But if they do — or even if they don’t, and we still end up with such a moratorium — then it looks like the Obama administration will bear considerable blame for the consequences.

This is the same economically ignorant mentality that was displayed yesterday on Fox News Sunday by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, when she said that the highest priority was to “keep people in their homes.”

So the government creates the crisis by encouraging people to buy homes they couldn’t afford, and now it’s perpetuating it by insisting on keeping them in them, instead of allowing the market to finally clear. The country’s in the very best of hands.

Academics Seduced

..by radical Islam.

I’m not sure that “seduced” is quite the right word. I agree with Instapundit:

Bending over for tyrants is a major aspect of today’s academic culture, even as the benders-over proclaim their own courage and independence, and demonstrate those by attacking those whom they need not fear, while fearing those whom they do not criticize.


The Lions Roar

44-6 over the Rams. Just shows what can happen when your team is healthy.

[Update a couple minutes later]

I see that Michigan dropped out of the rankings. I’m less surprised by that than that they were ranked in the first place. It never made sense to me to rank a team with one of the worst defenses in the country, no matter how good their quarterback is.

To Boldenly Go To China

A discussion over at Slashdot. As a commenter notes, it’s not very smart politics to go against the wishes of the incoming chairman of the appropriations subcommittee. I’d really like to know what the White House thinks. I think that it’s time for Charlie Bolden to go, though, as I’ve said, it will be tough to replace him, particularly in the current heated political environment.

Narcissist Alert

It’s always about him:

At one point, he warned his crowd of supporters to get out to vote in order to prevent his own embarrassment in November: “Don’t make me look bad, now.” Since he is not up for reelection, apparently the president means that the slaughter of perhaps 50 Democratic congressional representatives and 8-10 senators will reflect poorly upon himself. Of course it will, but he might have instead phrased his dilemma in terms of worry about his supporters’ fates rather than his own, inasmuch as most all voted for his agenda, despite the fact that almost all elements of it polled poorly with the American people. After November, many will be out of a job, not he — and yet his concern seems to be the public perception of his own godhead, not their unemployment.

Have we ever had a president so self absorbed? Since Bill Clinton, that is?

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