Good Question On Wikileaks

From Jonah:

Is there any prominent person or editorial board (outside of the administration) on the left who made a huge stink about Valerie Plame’s outing who is remotely as horrified by the ongoing Wikileaks travesty?

The outrage is indeed selective.

What I want to know is why Wikileaks can’t get its hands on Obama’s college transcripts. Apparently, there are some secrets that the administration can keep.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Michael Ledeen actually kind of likes the leaks. Well, some of them are damaging to the terrorists. And it’s nice to see that the administration and State Department aren’t as utterly clueless in private as they are in public.

Another Mole To Whack

Here’s yet another fact-free and logic-free “conservative” critique of the new space policy, this time over at Human Events. It’s got it all.

Claims that NASA funding is going to be diverted from space exploration to climate change? Check.

Claims that NASA funding is going to be diverted from space exploration to Muslim self esteem? Check.

Assertion that we cannot get back to the moon without a heavy-lift vehicle? Check.

Nonsensical allusions to the Columbus/Isabella metaphor? Check.

Nonsensical claims about spin-off, including Tang? You got it.

I suppose I should see if I can rebut over there.

A Moment Of Silence

…for the unfortunate Iranian nuclear scientist who was killed by a bomb this weekend.

OK, that’s long enough. Between this sort of thing and Stuxnet, I’m glad to see that someone is doing something about this. I wish that I had confidence that it was us.

[Update a while later]

On the life expectancy of Iranian nuclear scientists:

The attacks could be a concerted effort to retard Iran’s nuclear progress, or they could be meant to hype Iran’s own “terror threat” and provide an excuse to crack down on domestic opposition. The only certainty is that the life expectancy of Iranian nuclear physicists is falling rapidly, and is now almost as low as that of Iran’s civil-rights activists, journalists, and public intellectuals.

Given the stated goals of the Iranian nuclear program, I’m hoping that it will go lower.

So Much For Foreign-Policy “Experts”

I’m shocked, shocked to hear that the anti-Israel types got it all wrong.

They had promised that an “even-handed approach” to the Middle East that “put daylight” between the US and Israel would lead to Israeli gestures, at which point Arab regimes would reciprocate. Nothing of the sort came out of the Riyadh meeting. Instead of admitting that they had somehow gotten Saudi priorities or intentions wrong, that crowd doubled down and insisted that the Saudis cared so much about the Palestinians that Obama needed to put even more pressure on Israel to bring around Arab countries.

On the other side you had Middle East experts like Dan Diker, who insisted on One Jerusalem Radio’s Omri Ceren Show that the Saudis gave Obama a bruising lecture on what they actually care about, and it wasn’t the Palestinians. Under this theory King Abdullah expected to talk about militarily confronting Iran, and he couldn’t believe it when Obama kept reciting bromides about the earth-shattering importance of the Israeli/Arab conflict and his enthusiasm for solving it. That was a regular public topic between the two – Obama’s first talk with Abdullah focused on Gaza and the President later emphasized his abiding support for Saudi Arabia’s “Israel Has To Commit Suicide” plan – but the King kind of thought he was dealing with a serious person who could separate spectacle from policy. Instead he got the equivalent of an International Relations graduate student enamored with pseudo-sophisticated “insights” he’d gleaned from Arab media outlets. Ergo, meltdown.

The country’s in the very best of hands.

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