XCOR Update

I’m seeing tweets from the ISDC that Jeff Greason is saying Lynx rollout and flight tests are about a year from now.

This is interesting:

XCOR has plans to develop an orbital vehicle.

Jeff has been saying that he has some ideas along those lines. I wonder how much he’s revealing publicly?

[Update a while later]

A lot more XCOR tweets over at Space Transport News.

Peter Beinart’s Hero

Ron Radosh has some thoughts on anti-Israeli Jews.

[Update late morning]

More thoughts, and good ones, from Noah Pollack:

The sad truth is that Peter Beinart isn’t any kind of trailblazer or whistleblower, and he most certainly has not earned himself any trouble by coming out as an Israel-basher. He is someone who has rather belatedly fallen completely and predictably into line with the demands his ideological compatriots make for orthodoxy when it comes to their increasingly passionate interest in assaulting Israel and championing the Palestinian cause. In Beinart’s work, we are not witnessing an act of courage but rather a spectacle of conformity.

I used to think that Beinart was smarter than that.


The National Space Society’s annual conference starts today in Chicago. I’m unable to attend this year — finances don’t allow, but you can find Twitter feeds here and here. It’s nice to see that Space Adventures is actually funding Armadillo to build a tourist vehicle.

[Update a few minutes later]

John Carmack is reportedly saying that he’ll be delivering payloads above a hundred thousand feet in a year, and above a hundred kilometers in two years.

Hearing Wrap Up

Alan Boyle has the story on yesterday’s space-policy farce on the Hill. Jeff Foust also has a couple posts, with meeting notes, and a description of the “ruckus” caused by Jeff Hanley’s abrupt reassignment from the Constellation program.

I wish that someone (like a staffer, or former staffer) would suggest to Dana Rohrabacher that the next time Tom Young is brought forth to testify at one of these joke sessions, he ask him what experience he has with human spaceflight. Because the answer is pretty much zip.

[Update a few minutes later]

As usual (and this isn’t Alan’s fault, obviously) but ignorance abounds in his comments section, with one commenter saying we should just “…finish the Aries-1 [sic] capsules for LEO…”

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