Things sound pretty bad there, from the reports I’m reading. Usually these things hit in lesser-developed countries, and in the US, we could probably take a hit that big, at least in the west, with relatively few fatalities, because we’ve long had building codes for it, but it sounds like there was a lot of unreinforced masonry in the town, and the epicenter was very close.

But people on the east coast should be aware that it could be just as bad if one hits there, and while it happens a lot less often than in California, it can still happen.

[Update a couple minutes later]

Here’s an interesting animated map showing all of the temblors today, most of which were aftershocks, and big ones. It looks like it’s on the Greendale fault.

[Update a few minutes later]

Here’s all the coverage at the New Zealand Herald.

[Update about 10 PM PST]

CNN is reporting at least sixty five dead. I suspect the toll is going to be quite a bit higher when they clear the rubble.

A Call For Papers

Sort of. I’ve set up a new section of Competitive Space for HSF myth busting, but I haven’t had time to flesh out the pages, so I’m calling for suggestions, or drafts, that can be improved over time. Ideally, it would be as a wiki, but I don’t have time to figure out how to set one up right now. Instead, I’ll incorporate comments into the pages as they come in. Credit will be provided to contributors.

[Update on Wednesday morning]

For those wondering about the 404, I’ve taken the page down, because it wasn’t getting enough input to clean things up. I’ll just have to work on it myself and then inaugurate it again.

Couldn’t Happen To A Nicer Guy

Khadaffi flees LibyaTripoli? I wonder if he had time to grab his female body guards (always seemed such an odd thing in such a misogynistic culture).

Anyway, let’s hope it’s so, though what replaces is always worrisome in a place like that. And my preference would have been incineration in the burning parliament. That would be a more fitting and permanent solution to that particular boil on the ass of humanity.

[Update a few minutes later]

A reminder from Michael Totten of how awful he is.

Biting Commentary about Infinity…and Beyond!

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