Hating Everything That Congress Has Done

For the first time in my political life, I am in agreement with the majority:

The numbers: Bank bailouts, 61 percent disapprove versus 37 percent approve; national health care, 56 percent disapprove versus 39 percent approve; auto bailouts, 56 percent disapprove versus 43 percent approve; stimulus, 52 percent disapprove versus 43 percent approve. Only financial reform, with 61 percent approve versus 37 percent disapprove, is a winner for the representatives and senators seeking re-election.

OK, not entirely. I think that the financial reform was a mess, and will prove disastrous as well.

“Left-Wing” Violence

surges in Europe.

What I can’t figure out from this article, and I don’t have time to dig into the underlying documents, is what they’re defining as “right wing” versus “left wing.” And where do radical (i.e., those who actually follow the Koran and submit to the dictates of Mohammed) Islamists fall?

As for the fools in comments who say that both the Islamists and the “right wingers” in America want a theocracy, where is the evidence? (And no, Glenn Beck doesn’t want a theocracy.)

Me, I’m a simple sort of guy. I think that people who like big and powerful government, for whatever purpose, whether running peoples’ economic or personal lives, are left wingers. Those who value the liberty of the individual are on the “right,” and by that definition (unlike the nutty ones that the leftists come up with) I’m happy to be called a “right winger,” and even a “wingnut.” If we can’t agree on that, then the whole concept of “left” versus “right” is pretty meaningless. The only issue is where to put the so-called anarchists? The reason I say “so called” is that they don’t believe in a limited government to protect the natural rights of individuals. They don’t seem to believe in much at all, other than violence.

Back To CA

Probably no more posts until I get back to California tomorrow, because I don’t think I’ll have Interweb access.

[Saturday afternoon update]

Well, I got back in time to see a great Michigan/Notre-Dame game. I think we’re going to start hearing Heisman buzz about Robinson, but Michigan’s defense is still suspect. Fortunately they have a soft early schedule from here on in to work on it, before the Spartans and Hawkeyes in October.


…and change:

With so many Democrats running against the president’s agenda in the midterm, change will come in the next Congress, regardless of which party is in control.

Yup. If they run against this now, but don’t support repeal and reversal if they win, there will be new cudgels to beat them with in 2012, as not only Obama supporters, but liars.

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