The National Space Society’s annual conference starts today in Chicago. I’m unable to attend this year — finances don’t allow, but you can find Twitter feeds here and here. It’s nice to see that Space Adventures is actually funding Armadillo to build a tourist vehicle.

[Update a few minutes later]

John Carmack is reportedly saying that he’ll be delivering payloads above a hundred thousand feet in a year, and above a hundred kilometers in two years.

Hearing Wrap Up

Alan Boyle has the story on yesterday’s space-policy farce on the Hill. Jeff Foust also has a couple posts, with meeting notes, and a description of the “ruckus” caused by Jeff Hanley’s abrupt reassignment from the Constellation program.

I wish that someone (like a staffer, or former staffer) would suggest to Dana Rohrabacher that the next time Tom Young is brought forth to testify at one of these joke sessions, he ask him what experience he has with human spaceflight. Because the answer is pretty much zip.

[Update a few minutes later]

As usual (and this isn’t Alan’s fault, obviously) but ignorance abounds in his comments section, with one commenter saying we should just “…finish the Aries-1 [sic] capsules for LEO…”

Maybe It Wasn’t Rahm?

I wonder if one might infer from the White House behavior that Sestak’s job offer was made by the president or vice president?

It’s technically an impeachable offense, but there’s no way this Congress would do anything about it. Anyway, the nightmare scenario would be a president Pelosi, which wouldn’t be rectified until 2012, regardless of what happens this fall. Maybe Issa should just let sleeping dogs lie. So to speak…

We Are So Fortunate

…to have a president wise enough to know how much money we should all have.

For all these wealth gluttons, I have a suggestion: stop earning any more money for the next two years. Since most of you voted for him anyway, grant the president his wish. Stop.

Withdraw all your money from all investments. Shutter your stores, restaurants, factories, movie studios, banks and financial brokerages. Evict all tenants from your apartment buildings and shopping centers, and board the buildings up. Invent nothing, bring no products to market, write no books and hire no one. Stop adding to your unjust, unfair, beyond-the-point income or wealth. Take a vacation. File next year’s federal, state and local tax returns with big, fat zeroes written on the payment-due lines.

While you’re at it, buy as little as possible too. After all, at other times, the president has indicated he thinks many of us keep our homes too warm or too cool, drive around too much (on under-inflated tires), eat too much salty food, buy ‘Cadillac’ health plans that are too good. He has a point of too much in mind about everything. He is the Decider of your too-much. Everybody at the too-much point could relieve him of a lot of worry by spending nearly nothing for the next two years.

I wonder if he thinks he has enough, or too much?

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