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I’m waiting for the first leftist and ACORN defender to accuse the people who did the secret video of the prostitution counseling of being racist.

I’m also sure that ACORN defenders will assure us that these people (who were fired tonight) are just a couple bad apples and, despite the old aphorism, didn’t spoil the whole bunch. That the two young (true) journalists were just lucky, and hit the jackpot, finding the only rotten non-golden delicious in the organization in their first and only attempt.


[Friday evening update, about 22 hours later]

Can I call them, or can I call them? It only took a day or so.


Truthers Versus Birthers

Some thoughts from Jonah Goldberg:

The question of which scenario is more plausible is neither academic nor trivial. This summer, a host of columnists, commentators, and activists, seemingly taking their cues from a White House and DNC public-relations offensive, declared that the rise of the “birthers” was a fatal indictment of modern conservatism and the Republican party. The refusal of the birthers to give up their cockamamie theory was proof that the GOP had succumbed to the “paranoid style.” Indeed, according to some liberal commentators, the birthers were the potential wellspring for a nascent Nazi movement in America. Never mind that the vast majority of leading Republicans and conservatives — from Newt Gingrich to Ann Coulter — rejected the birthers categorically.

Fast-forward to the last week or so. Van Jones, an avowed “Communist” and passionate supporter of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, was a truther par excellence. Contrary to many reports, he didn’t merely sign’s petition in 2004, he helped organize one of the first truther groups as early as 2002.

When these and other revelations came to light, Jones resigned his post as White House “green jobs czar.”

The reaction from much of the liberal establishment has been fascinating, hypocritical, and deeply creepy.

Not out of character for them, unfortunately.


A video tribute.

I was in San Juan, getting ready for a flight back to LA, watching Fox’n’Friends before going to the airport. When I saw the second plane hit the towers in real time, I knew there was no point in going to the airport. I also knew we were at war. That war hasn’t ended — the enemy still wages it against us. BUt the current administration doesn’t really seem to believe it. They can’t even bring themselves to call it a war, and they seem to gag on the word “victory,” or “win.” All they know how to and want to do with wars is “end” them.

[Update a few minutes later]

Reflections from Lileks:

It’s all so far in the past, isn’t it? The ten-year-old you had to sit down and console and reassure is off to college. The President is retired – seems like he left two years ago. The wars grind on, but as far as the front pages are concerned, they’re like TV shows that lost their popularity but pull enough viewers to avoid cancellation. (The video store doesn’t even carry the DVD of the first two seasons anymore.) We’re used to the hole in the ground where the towers used to be, and if they announced they won’t rebuild, but will pave it over and use it for parking, people would shrug. We haven’t forgotten that the towers fell, but no one remembers what they planned to replace them with. The towers they planned looked empty in in the pictures – shiny, contorted, as if twisting away to avoid a blow.

Right after the towers fell, people who’d never liked them as architecture wanted them back just as they were. Get back up in the sky! But it hasn’t happened. Even if they build the replacement towers, there’s still a space in the sky where no one will ever stand again. We could stand there once. That we couldn’t stand there eight years ago was their fault. That we cannot stand there today is ours.

Back to normal. I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

[Update a few minutes later]

Michael Yon has a report from Helmand Province in Afghanistan, eight years later. Hit his tip jar.

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