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My Heart Bleeds


The SF Examiner is crying over the upcoming death of the “assault weapons” ban.

Boo hoo.

Remember all the upset with Bush when he said that he would sign a renewal?

I said that it didn’t matter, because he knew that there would never be a bill to sign. It still looks that way. Whether his pledge to sign it will still hurt him politically still remains to be seen, of course, but I can’t imagine the gun-rights activists being indifferent to a Kerry-Edwards presidency.

Bad Business

Alan Murray implies that, with his pick of Senator John Edwards for veep, Senator Kerry just made a powerful enemy for himself.

…party wisdom that’s been passed down by former Democratic National Committee Chairman Robert Strauss, and now resides with Democratic economic guru Robert Rubin, is that big business does matter to Democrats. To be successful, a Democratic presidential candidate doesn’t need the active support of America’s CEOs, but he does need to keep them on the sidelines. Jimmy Carter lost his bid for re-election at least in part because business was determined to dump him. Bill Clinton won election and re-election at least in part because the business community, while not strongly supportive, wasn’t threatened by him.