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Obama’s Clinton-Email Comments

The FBI isn’t happy.

It shouldn’t be. This was blatant political interference with an ongoing investigation (as was his “not a smidgen of corruption” comment about the IRS).

[Update a couple minutes later]

Oh, just noticed this obligatory “But Booooosh!”

Mr. Obama is not the first president to generate criticism for weighing in on cases. George W. Bush was criticized when he told an interviewer that he believed Representative Tom DeLay of Texas was innocent of illegal fund-raising charges. Mr. DeLay’s conviction was overturned last year.

Did I miss the part where the prosecutor in Texas worked for the president?

A much older case is when Nixon weighed in on Charles Manson’s guilt. That was another one where it wasn’t as big a deal, because it was a local prosecution, not a federal one.

[Update a while later]

“Gross negligence” and Espionage Act violations.

I’ll bet a lot of the agents working the case would like to see the book thrown at her. But Lynch will never do it.

News College-Bound Men Can Use

Four questions men should ask when selecting a college:

Since most college handbooks now define sexual assault broadly to include pretty much everything, one’s best bet is to avoid sex in college altogether. Colleges have enacted policies that allow non-students to bring accusations against students, so dating off campus isn’t safe either.

There’s really nothing that can be done to protect oneself from an accusation in the current climate. Sorry to sound so dire, but when a school puts up posters suggesting that even a sip of alcohol renders a women unable to give consent, things have gotten dire.

…I apologize if this seems like fearmongering, but college campuses are no longer safe for students accused of sexual assault. Due process rights have gone out the window because, activists tell us, this issue is so important that draconian measures must be taken. Their message is clear: Due process is fine and dandy for criminal courts, but this is a college campus, damn it, due process has no place here for those accused of felonies.

This is all making on-line education look better and better. And once again kudos to Ashe for being all over this beat.

John Koskinen

Jim Jordan says he’s going to be impeached.

I hope so. It’s about time someone in this criminal organization masquerading as a government was impeached. They should impeach Gina McCarthy, too.

[Update a few minutes later]

Here’s someone else to make a salutary example of:

Roth’s report, released Wednesday, found that 45 agents and supervisors had peeked at Chaffetz’s personnel file, which was stored in an internal Secret Service database. The report said 18 supervisors, including the deputy director and Clancy’s chief of staff, knew that the information had been accessed inside the agency. But the report said Clancy was a notable exception and had never been informed.

Clancy now says he knew that the unflattering information was being shared inside his agency and was told about it by a top deputy before it was leaked to the news media, officials said.

As a result of his new statements, investigators from Roth’s office plan to reinterview Clancy about his revised account, the officials said.

With a corrupt Justice Department, impeachment is the only available means of accountability. Even if the Senate won’t removed, no one should want that on their resume.

What Did Hillary Do Wrong?

A summary from Sharyl Atkisson.

I think the commenter over there may be right. Obama wants this to hurt Hillary enough to keep her from becoming president, but he doesn’t want the emails related to Benghazi to be exposed to daylight.

[Update a few minutes later]

It’s not just about Hillary’s crimes and boobery, but the incredible ineptitude of the State Department:

The departing manager of the average pizza restaurant is handled more carefully than departing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was. The Obama Administration was so utterly contemptuous of the public’s need to know, and the prerogatives of Congressional oversight committees, that it simply never gave any thought to securing emails the SecState wrote on behalf of the United States of America, until Congress and federal judges forced them to pay attention to the matter.

And I’m sure they’re very angry about it.

[Friday-afternoon update]

Two of Hillary’s scandals merge into one.

The email scandal is politically dangerous for Clinton because it supports the preconception of her as clannish, paranoid, and privileged. The Clinton Foundation scandal is toxic because it fosters the impression that, under Clinton, American diplomatic influence was a commodity available to the highest bidder, regardless of U.S. national interest. The convergence of those two scandals would doom the careers of Clinton and those who surrounded her all those Halcion years.

I wish. But she’s been getting away with lies, felonies and corruption for decades.

And the campaign is having trouble keeping its lies straight.

That’s always the problem with lying.

[Update a few minutes later]

Oopsie. More work emails from her “private” account. With David Petraeus.


[Update a few minutes later]

Democrats starting to figure out what a terrible liar Hillary is.

They’d have no problem at all, as long as she was good at it, like Bill.