The 5000 Climaquiddick Emails

Reading all of them: So far, it’s been fascinating to get a look at the climate hoax from the inside. The data fudging, the demonization of doubters, the knee-jerk rejection of alternate hypotheses, the quest for funding, the travel to exotic locations, the pal review, the left-wing politics, the fear of debate, the swagger in … Continue reading The 5000 Climaquiddick Emails

Climaquiddick Redux

They’ve found more incriminating emails. Validating that the “exoneration” of Mann was a whitewash. [Update a while later] A lot more over at Yid With Lid. [Update a few minutes later] Ace has more, too. These people aren’t doing science. They should be drummed out of their so-called profession. [Late afternoon update] The emails seem … Continue reading Climaquiddick Redux

On The Anniversary Of Climaquiddick

…the watermelons show their true colors: Watermelons: green on the outside, red on the inside. This is the theme of my forthcoming book on the controlling, poisonously misanthropic and aggressively socialistic instincts of the modern environmental movement. So how very generous that two of that movement’s leading lights should have chosen the anniversary of Climategate … Continue reading On The Anniversary Of Climaquiddick

More Climaquiddick

California style: Crafty use of statistics, lack-of-transparency, wild projections about future calamity requiring government intervention now…Hmmmm. If all of this is sounding familiar there’s a reason. Stefan Rahmstorf is one of the CRU e-mail clatch and a contributor to Real Climate. For instance, here is an e-mail in which he is desperately seeking help writing … Continue reading More Climaquiddick

Climaquiddick Doesn’t Matter

Because there are so many better reasons to scuttle the nonsense in Copenhagen: While it’s great fun — and entirely worthwhile — to make a big stink about Climategate, it would be a shame if people believed that Copenhagen’s inevitable failure hinged on this one scandal. Even if the CRU researchers were the model of … Continue reading Climaquiddick Doesn’t Matter