A Boycott Of Top Science Journals

…by a Nobel Prize winner: …leading scientists know that the “prestige” academic journals are biased in favor of flashy and politically correct research findings, even when such findings are frequently contradicted by subsequent research. This is important in the context of the global warming debate because Nature and Science have published the most alarmist and … Continue reading A Boycott Of Top Science Journals

Peer Review

“…is sick and collapsing under its own weight.” The biggest problem, he says, is the anonymity granted to reviewers, who are often competing fiercely for priority with authors they are reviewing. “What would be their reason to do it quickly?” Tracz asks. “Why would they not steal” ideas or data? Anonymous review, Tracz notes, is … Continue reading Peer Review

Better Early Than Never

The Times couldn’t even wait until the storm was over: The scale of Hurricane Irene, which could cause more extensive damage along the Eastern Seaboard than any storm in decades, is reviving an old question: are hurricanes getting worse because of human-induced climate change? And the old answer is, as always…no. But you can predict … Continue reading Better Early Than Never

In Which The Moonbat Gets It Right

…and by “right,” I mean sort of: The problem we face is not that we have too little fossil fuel, but too much. As oil declines, economies will switch to tar sands, shale gas and coal; as accessible coal declines, they’ll switch to ultra-deep reserves (using underground gasification to exploit them) and methane clathrates. The … Continue reading In Which The Moonbat Gets It Right