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Ann Althouse is mocking a woman annoyed by a man who damaged her car.

I’m with the woman (and George Costanza). It is an almost intrinsically inconsiderate and selfish act to kill yourself. The only way to do so in a considerate manner is to make sure all your affairs are in order, with clear instructions, and to not make a mess to clean up, or leave yourself where someone, particularly a loved one, will be traumatized by finding you (e.g., disappear into the wilderness and do it there). When you do it in such a way as to endanger others or cause property damage, I have zero sympathy for you, whether you survive or not. There is a big problem in the railroad business of people who deliberately step in front of trains, with no thought about the injuries and damage they may cause, or the life-long nightmares and needless soul searching for the engineer. I don’t care how unhappy you are, there is no excuse for this.

Expanding The Anglosphere

to Mars:

International co-operation in space was very difficult and in many ways inefficient, the second man to walk on the moon said.

“But I think if we can take the English-speaking people … we can have American science, technology and bring together the UK, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa … and have a togetherness organisation,” he told AAP in Sydney on Thursday.

For some reason, I don’t think that the White House will be as happy about this as it was with some of his previous statements. It doesn’t sound like he’s quite on the same page as Charlie and the Muslim outreach.

Gotta love Buzz.

Stand Up For Your Rights

I just don’t get all this hate on uncovered boobage and Alan Simpson. If rights to seeing and saying tits aren’t constitutionally protected, what are? The very word is enshrined and embedded right there in the middle of “consTITution.”

In fact, I think that this invention, while not the worst one in the world, is right up there, and clearly unconstitutional (audio may not be safe for work).

[Via Burge on Facebook]