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Is The Desktop Computer Dying?

Maybe. Laptops are definitely making inroads into the market, and will continue to do so, but as the article points out, there will always be a place for good, comfortable, cheap machines for people who aren’t road warriors.

I use my laptop a lot when I’m traveling, but it remains a PITA to carry around and continually reboot and renetwork, and I’m always glad to get home to my nineteen-inch screen and ergonomic keyboard. Not to mention my three CPUs and KVM switch. They’ll take away my desktop when they pry my cold, dead fingers off my Logitech.

Headset Etiquette

This is a problem that’s just going to get worse as the technology evolves:

While many users find them convenient and fun, the new headsets can create peculiar social situations. As was the case with Ms. Vilson and her friend, bystanders are often unaware that a user is wearing one. Indeed, users of Bluetooth headsets often appear to be talking to themselves.

Another pitfall: “Half the time people think you’re talking to them when you’re really not,” says William Robbins, a doctor in Orlando, Fla. He was in a supermarket recently enjoying a bit of risqu