The Albany/Trenton/Sacramento Disease

As go the “progressive” states, so will go the nation, if this keeps up:

President Obama has bet the economy on his program to grow the government and finance it with a more progressive tax system. It’s hard to miss the irony that he’s pitching this change in Washington even as the same governance model is imploding in three of the largest American states where it has been dominant for years — California, New Jersey and New York.

A decade ago all three states were among America’s most prosperous. California was the unrivaled technology center of the globe. New York was its financial capital. New Jersey is the third wealthiest state in the nation after Connecticut and Massachusetts. All three are now suffering from devastating budget deficits as the bills for years of tax-and-spend governance come due.

These states have been models of “progressive” policies that are supposed to create wealth: high tax rates on the rich, lots of government “investments,” heavy unionization and a large government role in health care…

…Mr. Obama believes union power is a ticket to the middle class. The middle class is getting creamed in all three of these “progressive” states, where organized labor is king. The unionized share of the workforce is 20% in California, 19% in New Jersey and 27% in New York compared to 13% across the country. All three are non-right-to-work states, have super-minimum wage requirements and provide among the nation’s most generous public-employee pensions.

Workers in these paradises are indeed uniting — by leaving. New York ranks first, California second and New Jersey third in moving vans leaving the state. A study by the National Institute for Labor Relations Research found that over the past decade these and other high-union states (mostly in the Northeast) had one-third the job growth of states with low union penetration.

This is why we have federalism, folks. And you know the state that’s doing well? Texas. Why doesn’t Washington try emulating that? Including a part-time legislature (though as fast as these vandals rush bills through, they can do a lot of damage even if they only meet for a month).

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  1. “My client for the last few years prohibits bibles and guns on the premises, and there are few if any gee-bus lovers. None are public, and I can listen to progressive radio that is piped into our office. No deranged rightwing nut jobs here. ”

    Baaah! Two legs baaad….four legs good!

    You are a bleating sheep who munches in ignorant bliss. No wonder you couldn’t stand Texas. It must have been a constant reminder of what strong men are like and how you could never hope to measure up.

  2. Do people who hiss “Californicate” think they’re being clever as they show off their ignorance of history? The Bear Flag Republic was a fine place until it was overrun by immigrants from other states. It began with the Dust Bowl refugees (who included a big pile of Texans, btw) and the tarnish on the Golden State grows with every Nancy Pelosi who arrives from elsewhere.

    Well, as it looks to me, California is the Yucca Mountain for US ideologies. My suggestion is that by all means continue to ship the Nancy Pelosi’s of the US to California. And don’t let the place leak for ten thousand years.

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