12 thoughts on “Broadcasting Political Sympathies”

  1. Actually, turning off broadcast isn’t all that secure. The SSID will still be on the air while you’re actually using the network.

      1. Meh.

        SSID hiding doesn’t improve security in the slightest, today – at least not against anyone but a “casual” cracker, who will already be entirely stopped dead by the bare-minimum combination of WPA/WPA2 and a vaguely decent password.

        (See here, or the Wikipedia entry on SSIDs for details.

        SSID hiding might have been a vaguely useful step in the WEP-only days long ago, but now it’s useless.)

  2. You just need network names that will discourage unwanted visitors, like “surveillancevan2”, “trojansrus”, “viruses4u” and “fbichildporn”.

  3. Some wifi devices need SSID to broadcast in order to locate the network. Usually a result of a shoddy UI that doesn’t allow you to manually add the network. You have to let it discover the network on it’s own and then configure the properties from there. But back when I did phone support I was amazed by the number of people out there that just go buy a router, plug it in, and then just let it broadcast as an open access point. Then, they wonder why their network gets slow on Saturdays it always seems. Uh, because everybody on the block is using your access point to download torrents maybe?

  4. Mine is open. It is in the basement and you cannot associate with it off the back porch but fine in the attic. Line of sight is a bitch! I love engineering controls!

      1. Man, I had to read that 3 times before I got the joke. Must be getting old… Hey, you kids, get off my Local Area Wide Network!

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