6 thoughts on “The D.C. Right”

  1. Part of it might be the motivation of self preservation but a lot of it is that they are easily manipulated by the media they consume and peer pressure from their social circles to adhere to a foppish image of leftist respectability.

  2. The NRO piece – a milquetoast smack at Obama in the face of the worse political scandal in modern US history. I’m old enough to remember Watergate, a trifling peccadillo in comparison which brought down Nixon only because of his recordings. I remember the white hot outrage coming from the Democrats and even the Republicans. The press was on fire going after Nixon. Today, where’s the outrage? Not on NRO. It’s staffed by the people that Bawer now denounces. Not to mention the geriatrics sitting in Senate.

  3. I was surprised to learn that Bawer, of whom I had not previously heard, is a Democrat. He’s an excellent writer, but seems more like an independent than anyone associated with the Democrat Party. His passion for the value of liberty doesn’t belong in that cesspool. As a registered Republican, though, I have to agree wholeheartedly with him that the blame belongs on both sides.

  4. VDH’s column is another of his wonderful synopses of the hideous Obama administration – one of too many. But I’m glad he keeps producing them. Maybe someday they will penetrate the skulls of the rest of the crew at National Review.

  5. This goes along with the story on the new press secretary. It seems as if Trump’s crudeness is being used as an excuse to ignore some pretty big corruption of the system. It’s one thing to tell a president “no, we can’t do that sir, and if you force the issue we will resign”, and another to actively plot against him with an illegal unwarranted phoney investigation. That Obama encouraged (if not ordered) such a thing is almost unthinkable. That the so-called DC “conservatives” would rather talk about how mean the new press secretary is than this abuse of power is telling. No, petty bureaucrats don’t have a veto over the American people.

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