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  1. What is central cause.
    Dennis Prager probably would probably claim it related to religion,
    though might say the lack of happiness as moral obligation has been quite point of failure for religions, generally.

    One issue is Germany has always had a Russia problem, fear of war with it and being involved wars {though France and European countries were not as constantly feared but were engaged warfare with Germany}. And with US one has the global security “worry” and the endless ongoing wars. Which is kind same in terms of being “trapped” in endless unresolvable problem or corrupting thing.

    And part of this globalism, one has to global climate brainwashing
    or if you like, a dumb religion.
    Dennis says something like if don’t have religion, you make one- having religion is kind of safeguard against “other religions”.
    But I guess point of goodness of religion is one god thing.
    But one could say, public school is a state religion.
    The mandatory nature of it, would be impressive the ancient romans
    with their require civil rituals involving mostly, the worship of the State.
    An ancient roman may loyal to a god, but also at times pick and choose depending on circumstances. Not much different compared to modern America.
    I would blame the global warming religion, but something else would just replace it.
    One say a “good” thing about China plague, is the refusal by teachers of doing teaching, which could lead to the elimination of mandatory nature of schooling.
    Must go to school vs not permitted to go to school seems like psychosis that will somehow end up going somewhere.

    The central cause seems to be humans, and I tend to be optimistic about future.

  2. You don’t have to believe in the God of the Bible to believe in the efficacy of the 10 commandments. Removing them from government buildings and schools due to “no state religion” blew one of the major safety fuses in the culture. As it turns out, the state is it’s own religion, and it’s a jealous god.

  3. What is the good German to do, all by themselves and without any help? At least we still have tools short of violence but they want us cut off from other humans and under the heel of their dual power centers, government and corporations, so who knows how long that will last.

    1. “What is the good German to do, all by themselves and without any help? ”

      That seems to suggest that at some different periods of time, good Germans could be getting help from politicans??
      I would think “good” politicans would be getting “helped”, and be getting pushed by “good” Germans. And being pushed could amount to various kinds of threats which could be complete abandonment of the “good” politician.
      But a good German wouldn’t limit “this’ to just “good” politicans.

      Or government never gives, it always takes.
      Going on strike is quite a threat to any government- not that strikes are a good plan. Or for example peaceful protests are generally a better plan in comparison to strikes, in my option.

      But a Nazi government will turn a peaceful protest into a violent protest, so in terms protests, one is limited to “stealth protests”.

      But it seems to me that strikes, and any kind of protests is not very effective. There more of “feel good thing” for those doing them, than causing a better governmental action, and of course whole idea is they are effecting the general public more than government.
      Another way to view it, is that government is always sort of a bad business and more worse the government, the worse the bad business.
      Or how about if NASA wants to travel to our closest star and Joe Biden is the NASA administer. Or Joe Biden becomes CEO of IBM.
      It seems only big difference, is NASA or IBM, doesn’t normally start wars.

  4. I don’t see too many ‘good Germans’ storming the Capitol today.

    The question we must discuss is who is being a good American?

    1. Not the people who make up obviously unconstitutional laws and regulations. Originalism was a rational and lawful response from the right. The left’s answer to that was to hold a show trial of Brett Kavanaugh and to occupy the Capitol. Après nous, le déluge.

    2. Protest of government at the seat of government is appropriate. Some of it was roudy but on the whole, far more peaceful than the Democrats have been acting these past 5 years. No businesses were looted and burned, no explosives were thrown at cops, no one was assassinated, but there was the lady who got shot by the feds when entering an office.

      Democrats don’t have a monopoly on anger or the 1st amendment.

      The media has gone to great lengths defending progressive marxist Democrat’s rioting and occupying buildings and city blocks, actions that are still happening at this very moment.

      The difference in coverage is astounding to anyone paying attention.

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