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  1. Not “stolen” in same way it’s not a “lie” if you tell the truth creatively and incompletely.

  2. As I often ask, if they weren’t stealing it, why were they committing so much blatant fraud? If they could’ve won it honestly, they wouldn’t have been shipping in all the fake ballots at 3:00 AM, and they wouldn’t have gone to such lengths to make sure nobody could audit the actual paper ballots or promptly examine the voting equipment.

    We know it was stolen, and by their actions, they know it was stolen. Some people pretend that it wasn’t, or pretend they don’t know it was stolen, but that’s just pretend.

  3. Anonymous Conservative is speculating that this article is a way for the deep-state mockingbird press to get ahead of some big bombshell coming out soon regarding “The Steal of the Century”.

    1. Too many “krakens” of the last few months that have turned into bigfoot and Loch Ness monster sightings. But this time, it’s for real!

      At some point, people need to realize that repeatedly promising a “big bombshell”, and not delivering only hurts the credibility of the reporter, as well as being demoralizing.

      1. One of the Qanon nuts at Instapundit is still insisting that everything is all “part of the plan”. Now we just mock him. It’s kind of sad, really. Not only was their no great plan, there wasn’t even a competent strategy being implemented. It was mostly just Rudy drinking way too much whiskey and waving his arms.

      2. Check the link above, you may have to dial it back to the beginning, Ruble still has it’s issues. There’s no “krackens” just data and facts. It covers a number of issues with the election and has been banned from both Youtube and Vimeo.

  4. “The real problem is whether Americans are prepared to let the same forces that tilted the 2020 election in Biden’s favor get away with it again.”

    My guess…”Yes”. I think mail-in-ballots are here to stay; Covid-19 Pandemic or not.

  5. When you have vote counters wearing clothes declaring their political affiliation who eject observers to cheers while covering windows and then lying about it all later, it means illegal acts took place, election fraud.

    They don’t deserve the benefit of doubt. The Democrat party is corrupt to the core.

    1. Oh, it is the permissible Conspiracy Theory that Trump is a Russian agent. It is the Qanon of the left only everyone on the left believes it from the most powerful media and corporate players to elected officals and government workers despite the only evidence in existence debunks the claims used by Democrats to spy on the Trump campaign and try and over throw him in a series of coups.

      Trump’s policies are bad for Russia. Democrats policies are good for Russia. But keep stroking that pole, you will get a pay off eventually.

    2. I’m sure that Putin told Trump to approve the Keystone pipeline, open the spigots on fracking, provide real defense equipment to Ukraine instead of MREs, and restore the anti-missile defenses to Poland, because he did all those things. I guess Putin was stupid, and had the worst stooge ever.

      1. MRE’s

        I heard that they are a banned munition that inflicts nausea, constipation, and a general reduction in morale on enemy soldiers?

  6. Meh, I don’t understand the whole deal with Cuban.
    Here in Europe we typically don’t play the anthem unless it’s the national team playing against another nation or something like that. We certainly don’t usually play it in regular games inside the same nation.

      1. It draws everyone’s attention to the field/court/ice. It become a way to signal to the crowd that the game is starting.

        It’s a tradition, and the sensitivity of Blacks to slights (second only to the sensitivity of Muslims) is providing an excuse for those who hate traditions to drop it.

        What are some of the traditions they have in Europe that we dont have here in North America? I don’t think we have the sing along of the team anthem like they do during metric kickball games in Britain, for example.

  7. It’s amazing how a $2.7-billion libel suit cuts through the nonsense. It’s not just the right-wing media in general (e.g., Newsmax), but puppet master Rupert Murdoch himself (NY Post, Fox and WSJ) doing an about-face on election fraud.

    And this happens just as Trump stands trial for using claims of election fraud, now “officially” declared false, to incite a mob to attack the Capitol.

    Funny thing is, we know for a fact that serious fraud actually was attempted: just listen to Trump’s phone call with Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, wherein Mr. T (unsuccessfully) applies pressure to “find” 12,000 or so votes.

    After the aforementioned jaw-dropping about face on election fraud, the NY Post goes on to whine about how its election eve reporting on Hunter Biden was snubbed. Well, let’s just take a look at that. First of all, the story came from Rudy Giuliani, who’s main job for the last few months has been aggressively peddling claims of election fraud (remember the Four Seasons Garden Center?), which the Post now says are false. It is therefore logically inconsistent for the Post to ask us to take the story seriously. Furthermore, even Murdoch’s own news outlets wouldn’t touch the Post‘s story about Biden. Fox News gave ample coverage to the fact that at least one social media platform quashed links to the story, but did not push the story itself. And Murdoch’s third major outlet in the US, the WSJ covered the Biden story only on its op-ed page.

    And the whole Hunter Biden angle is fishy anyway: it occurred many years ago, but Republicans cared not a whit about it until Joe Biden became Trump’s likely challenger.

    1. Prior to the election, left wing media were running stories about the dangers of Dominion and how easy they could be hacked. They didn’t get sued despite saying things similar to what some people of Fox and Newsmax said and left wimg media flips the switch so that what was acceptable speech regarding elections on Nov 1 wasn’t on Nov 4.

      “now “officially” declared false,”

      By who? You can still watch video of Democrat vote counters kicking out observers and a number of election rules were illegally changed.

      Hunter Biden’s laptop and business associates proved that Biden the elder is corrupt and engaging in behavior Trump was accused of in his first impeachment. And we all know that if a Trump kid was in video smoking crack with Chinese hookers giving him a foot job, that the videos would have been on every news cast and the front page of every paper.

      With the exception of a couple people at Fox, the network was anti-Trump.

      Also, Trump isn’t standing trial. He didnt incite a riot. The whole exercise is unconstitutional, which is why SCOTUS isn’t participating. It is all coming from the Democrat party which is destroying our Constitution while screaming about propriety. The same party that organized race riots that caused billions in damage, killed scores, injured thousands, ruined businesses, spread COVID, and set race relations back decades just so Democrats could motivate their marxist base to vote.

      The same party who tears down Lincoln and Washington symbols and says the flag is racist and the national anthem is racist and that our country shouldnt exist. Why would anyone think that a party with such low regard for our laws and culture and that has a record going back over a hundred years of rigging elections, who rig their own primaries, would cheat in a Presidential election?

  8. Bill Whittle’s idea – and I think it’s a great one – is that the fans stand up and sing the National Anthem regardless of what the owners and NBA officials say.

    He suggests that the fans begin this song – when Cuban’s team is playing – the instant the announcer starts to introduce the Cuban team players.

    I say they fans should do this all the time in every sports venue.

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