12 thoughts on “Avatar, The Way Of Water”

  1. Fie and fum. I rarely read movie reviews. Critics are almost all bitter and mediocre people who never even tried to make anything of their own. They know their only chance to be noticed is to be contrarians.

  2. Never saw the original and don’t miss the fact that I haven’t. Probably for the same reason I’m not a gamer.

  3. I watched the original once. It was basically “Dances With Wolves…In Space!” I have no interest in watching the sequel. Maybe it’s a problem with my testosterone level.

    1. It was basically “Dances With Wolves…In Space
      Yuck. Do any of them eat hard boiled eggs out of a jar in zero-g?

  4. How is it that 22nd-Century humans can travel all the way to Alpha Centauri in spaceships… but they still haven’t developed glass strong enough to withstand a wooden arrow?

    It’s been around for a while. It’s called bullet-resistant polycarbonate or acrylic.

  5. It ironic that one of the most commercially successful capitalists in the world, constantly reworks the old socialist themes into new productions, then sells them to the present and upcoming tribe of socalists. Who then go on to convince others that it’s a work of transcendence that you simply can’t miss. More power to him.

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