One thought on “Foresight’s Space Workshop”

  1. Well, it seems it’s related to Venus orbit.
    Mars settlement definitely need to use Venus orbit.
    NASA Mars crew should enable Venus orbit for use in regards to Crew Mars program.
    NASA’s Crew Mars program should be about determining if Mars in habitable.
    Part of this is related to having cheap enough Mars water- which is water about 100 to 1000 times more than Earth water. I pick the number of around $1000 per ton or $1 per kg.
    And you could do this by making lakes on Mars and humans could live near lakes and within lake- or value of Mars real estate is mostly about having access to water {which also the case on Earth}.
    So need water and power. Having lake allow one access to coolant for nuclear reactor.
    Mars is better than Earth in terms of solar power because one can get sunlight 12 hours [or more] of sunlight and on Earth we are limited to peak solar power which around 6 hours per day. But in terms of making hot water, Earth and Mars are similar, and Earth can be better. So an advantage of nuclear energy on Mars is it’s waste heat it generates. One could charge twice the amount for water if it’s hot water. Hot water on mars is similar to fossil fuel on Earth- it can be used for more than washing dishes and taking a shower.
    Anyway if you have cheap enough Mars water you can export water to Venus.
    Venus orbit can used for more things than Mars settlements. Venus orbit is better hub of solar system as compared to Earth orbit. Better to send thing from Venus orbit and to bring things to Venus orbit as compared to Earth orbit. And Venus orbit from Earth can be about 2 months away.
    So, in terms of mining space rocks and in terms of exploring the rest of solar system.

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